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Carnivorism, Jews and Immigration

Often you’ll hear self-styled WN’s complain about immigration and say “beef is delicious” in the same breath. The fact is, meat consumption is fueling mass immigration of morally-impaired Mexicans to the USA who are employed by criminal Jews. In an … Continue reading

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Our Statement on Vegetarianism

Animals all have different special functions, and the human function is to think. Being thinking animals, we’ve been blessed with far more consciousness than other species. The consciousness in one field of grass may equal that of a grasshopper. That … Continue reading

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The Virus Theory

The virus theory is a modern superstition. Throughout the ages man has blamed invisible and imperceptible entities for grave problems in individual health and society. The reason for this is by blaming such entities no one in society is held … Continue reading

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Bucolic Societies

The ideal way of life is on an organic, sustainable vegetable farm. Most of the problems mankind is facing today are related to man moving from the farming way of life to city life. Sinning mostly comes from boredom, which … Continue reading

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The Garden of Eden / Devolution Part One

Kent Hovind’s theory (which is that of the Bible) is that the conditions of the world have been worsening since the garden of Eden, that life on earth has been devolving – not evolving. It’s apparent to me in just … Continue reading

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OM Meditation

From the Atmajyoti website: The three elements of Om Yoga meditation There are three components of Om Yoga meditation: 1) sitting with the eyes turned up and then closed; 2) being aware of our breath as it moves in and … Continue reading

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Metamorphosis IRL

There are racial norms and special norms that are often stretched by spiritual changes. People of parasitic natures take on particularly jewish forms, like the 6-shaped nose, V-pattern baldness, shortness of stature, the flat forehead – which in general (though … Continue reading

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Sri Karunamayi – US tour has kicked off

To me, and many others, she’s the Divine mother in the flesh. If you’re looking for a genuine, real living Guru in samadhi. then you may want to check her out. Website is here: She was introduced to me … Continue reading

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Kingdom Regeneration in “The Journey West”

From the 78th chapter of The Journey West [pdf], the greatest classic novel in Chinese history: “Wujing is right,” said Brother Monkey. “Go to bed now, Master, and tomorrow morning I’ll go to court with you to see what this … Continue reading

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Chinese Abortion Discount Cards

Brother Mario was out walkin’ the other day and came by some strange chicks passin’ out plastic cards from the local slaughterhouse for babies. Yup, these plastic cards that look like credit cards offer several services to depraved wimmin, among … Continue reading

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