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So, she cheated on you?

Congratulations, my brother. She cheated on you? Good! This article will not delve into the deeper psychology of your shock and trauma. Because there is none. The trauma is all hers. In fact, instead of indulging in self-blame and pity, … Continue reading

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Wanderin round Europe and beyond

Howdy gents! Just noticin how kooky thangs is gettin over at couchsurfin, and also how passportaservo is run by either flakes or corrupt government/kosher goblins who often leave the saht wantin for functionality. (Ironically, as of this publishin, the saht … Continue reading

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Who is Ai Weiwei?

The first thing you’ll notice about Ai is that he’s not a typical faggy Chinese. He’s big, strong, bearded (from testosterone) and sure of himself. When he sees cops or government officials he speaks in a clear, firm voice and … Continue reading

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My Real Brotherhoods

We can all remember some times in our lives when women weren’t all that important and we decided to room up with other guys. These days, in fact, are the most productive, happy days of our lives. Now I want … Continue reading

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The Cosmology of Martinus and Lubomir Fajth

When I was in a village cabin in the mountains of Northern Slovakia I was introduced to the writings and drawings of a Danish mystic named Martinus Thomsen. He was from a poor family and was a dairyman. He had … Continue reading

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Bucolic Societies

The ideal way of life is on an organic, sustainable vegetable farm. Most of the problems mankind is facing today are related to man moving from the farming way of life to city life. Sinning mostly comes from boredom, which … Continue reading

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Kingdom Regeneration in “The Journey West”

From the 78th chapter of The Journey West [pdf], the greatest classic novel in Chinese history: “Wujing is right,” said Brother Monkey. “Go to bed now, Master, and tomorrow morning I’ll go to court with you to see what this … Continue reading

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Helio Gracie Pounds Playboy

In the world of martial arts there is no doubt that Brazilian Jiu-jitsu possess his own name of Gracie. Trying to draw a genealogical tree of his family is a big work. Counting the number of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and … Continue reading

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