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Auguste Piccard: Flat Earther

Auguste Piccard was an uber-credentialled, PhD’ed, Einswine fondling, 100% authentic materialist swinetist, who, in his disbelief of the Bible and lack of self control and meditation, had to go out looking for physical (dead) crap which he was measuring in … Continue reading

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The Victory of Jesus and AH

Churcharson Media just posted: …which proves beyond any doubt that they are incorrigible, materialist chosens. The idea that one could kill one’s soul by killing their flesh is purely a kosher, satanic concept, only the grossest folly of the world’s … Continue reading

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On Semen Retention

The primary purpose of this paper is to condense and prioritize the various methods by which a man may successfully retain his semen and stop producing the gross physical semen. It is written in response to the dearth of knowledge … Continue reading

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Prayer for the New Pope

Let us celebrate that there is a new Pope, Pope Francis I, and let us pray that he shows the light to all people. Popes of the past have really been effective; here’s some examples for you: SYLVESTER I. Condemned … Continue reading

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Atheists vs. Creationists: Why the Debate Continues

The reason the debate continues between atheists and creationists are that their official representatives have defined two sides of the debate which are both untenable. Atheists maintain that material created life, and this is a reversal of basic scientific truth. … Continue reading

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Atheist Beta Males

It seems like for a blue moon I have not checked up on them atheists. They seem to highly revere that there Chris Hitchens, who had a doctorate in respiratory disease prevention. And then someone passes along a couple Dawkins … Continue reading

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Two Schools of Reincarnation

There are generally two schools of thought concerning reincarnation. One school, the most popular, teaches that vast changes can occur rapidly, depending mostly on our particular thoughts and vibrations at the time of death. The other school teaches that changes … Continue reading

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