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Wanderin round Europe and beyond

Howdy gents! Just noticin how kooky thangs is gettin over at couchsurfin, and also how passportaservo is run by either flakes or corrupt government/kosher goblins who often leave the saht wantin for functionality. (Ironically, as of this publishin, the saht … Continue reading

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Details on ahimsa

Meat eaters often justify slaughter of innocent animals by saying plants are also sentient beings. The first problem with that is that animals eat many plants and eating animals equals eating far more plants than what a vegetarian would eat. … Continue reading

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Stumprapin: Stumpers on Rapin Rampages

Howdy, y’all. Talkin bout the great epidemic of laht karmic reaction to male genital mutilation, when wimminz who laugh or don’t care much bout the pain and sufferin of little boys gettin their willies crimped and twisted end up gettin … Continue reading

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