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Corrective Lesbian Rape in South Africa

We’ve been seeing a lot of stories about corrective rape against lesbians (misogynists). Considering what Dr. Rob (a practicing physician in Moscow) has said about intact men, raping a woman with the full male body in place is nearly impossible, … Continue reading

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The Top Five Issues Facing Mankind

1. Abortion According to traditional morality, the weaker the victim, the younger the victim, the more human the victim, the greater the severity of the crime. Modern man has fooled himself into thinking that because he cannot see the abortion … Continue reading

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The Comstock Law

Consider that this used to be a federal law in the USA. Be it enacted… That whoever, within the District of Columbia or any of the Territories of the United States…shall sell…or shall offer to sell, or to lend, or … Continue reading

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Mass Emasculation Ceremony Impresses Brewery

In the Philippines, they’re having a mass castration par-tay. The kids are linin’ up, forced by their mothers and wringing their shirts while crying. The perpetrators are hopin’ to get into the Guinness Beer™ book of world records®, which lists … Continue reading

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Is Natural Birth Dangerous?

Natural birth is treating pregnancy as a healthy thing, and women who are confident in their health and the health of their baby see no reason why there would be problems – they’re more than glad to have their babies … Continue reading

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Western Medicine Is Based On Circumcision

Circumcision is the removal of the tissue of the foreskin. Western medicine is based on circumcision, examples in western medicine that illustrate this are : 1. tissues are removed during various sorts of surgery 2. pills are utilized to suppress … Continue reading

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It almost seems unfair…

Woman (and kids) represent  90% of the hard work you have to do in life.  Supporting them financially and emotionally is a herculean task.  They are like the Hydra that Hercules fought, where when one head is cut off (one … Continue reading

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Metamorphosis IRL

There are racial norms and special norms that are often stretched by spiritual changes. People of parasitic natures take on particularly jewish forms, like the 6-shaped nose, V-pattern baldness, shortness of stature, the flat forehead – which in general (though … Continue reading

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Chinese Abortion Discount Cards

Brother Mario was out walkin’ the other day and came by some strange chicks passin’ out plastic cards from the local slaughterhouse for babies. Yup, these plastic cards that look like credit cards offer several services to depraved wimmin, among … Continue reading

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