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Human meat indistinguishable from meat of other animals

Human meat is indistinguishable from meat of other animals. There is no case in history where a murderer has fed the meat of his human victims to customers and the customers were able to tell that the meat was not … Continue reading

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Religious journal, Uncle Jeebers, 2013/08/15

observing chemical changes in the brain is just showing the effects of spiritual action, mental action, and behaviors. it’s chasing shadows. the chemicals don’t cause these things, rather they are the result of these things. if you injected these chemicals … Continue reading

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We must make our own food

Cousin Shamrock’s colleague mentioned that new packaging labeling in Britain’s McDonald’s state that the fries “may contain up to 15% potatoes“. The colleague went on to explain that with newspapers not selling less and less each year, the same wood … Continue reading

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Liver and Pancreas Cleanse

on a day you’re not doing anything, you can cleanse out your liver & pancreas, even get rid of gall stones if they’re forming. around noon, you stop eating or drinking completely. the only think you take is either vegetable … Continue reading

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The Fraud of Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins, minerals and all the nourishment we need are provided by nature naturally in the form of fruits, vegetables, nuts, milk, grains etc. Take a look at any vitamin supplement; look at the label – Does it list a food … Continue reading

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Impurity and Baldness

Hello Brothers! Our position is that the male pattern baldness process gets kickstarted and aggravated through misuse of the generative energy. Hair loss in men is caused by testosterone, more specifically dihytestosterone (DHT) attaching to the hair follicles and causing … Continue reading

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Dangers Of Psychiatric Drugs

I recommend readers of this blog check out this website which is linked below. The above website provides a list of destructive behaviors people have engaged in while on anti-depressant pills. Anti-depressant pills are very dangerous to take. The … Continue reading

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