Pharisee science

Okay so me and the Brothers have been noticing that over at DS, aside from suppressing discussion on traditional/religious cosmology and promoting evilution, DNA studies, and other atheistic/satanic hooey, they’ve somehow started allowing open ridicule of Paul J. Watson’s lying and saying pharisees don’t control anything. As DS is now your main source of alt-right gnus and the creator of the alt-right itself, we can say that it is generally unacceptable to question (((science))) among alt-righters and the troll army, which is ironic, because, for example, the first person on this list of the most powerful people in science, Tim Berners-Lee, is declaring war on “cyberbullies” (stormer trolls). The second on the list is the chosen 911-denier Chomsky, the third is the misopede “a-little-pedophilia doesn’t hurt” Dawkins, the third is a hook-nosed mathematician…and let’s be frank. These are indicative of the people you find in science.

A good introduction to pharasitic control over science was published many years ago by Eric Hufschmid. It makes three main points:

All scientists are at least zionist puppets

Basically he argues that 100% of the people controlling science today who are considered the most powerful in the field, all belie their zionism by continuing to lie about 911Ⓚ and apollo(G).

juicemedia2All “scientific fact” is determined by the (((media)))

Further down the article he adds, that it is the publications or swinetific cliterature which determines “accepted scientific facts”, and further, if you understand that the juice control the media, then you should also understand that this necessarily means they control science.


The average Joe, when asked to name a scientist and the greatest and smartest of them all, will almost surely name Albert EinsteinⓀ. Einstein was not only a Christ killer, but a complete fraud.

In spite of these three obvious points, “redpilled” alt-righters and DS troll soldiers continue citing (((DNA studies))), (((physics))) and (((anthropology))) in their comments. There are also additional cohencidences in the swinetific world (oink oink!):


Though supposedly 2% of the world population, chosens win 26% the Nobel Prizes, 46% the Wolf Prize in Physics, 26% the Max Planck Medaille, 33% the Dirac Medals, 36% the Dannie Heineman Prizes for Mathematical Physics, 53% the Enrico Fermi Awards, 48% the Atoms for Peace Awards.


Aside from the obvious zionists, freemasons and goblins running the whole show – and aside from all the publications being overtly kosher, we read this:

[Pharisees] played a significant role in the founding and subsequent development of modern anthropology.  Two of its four principal founders, according to Jerry Moore, in his study Visions of Culture: An Introduction to Anthropological Theories and Theorists,1 were Émile Durkheim and Franz Boas.  Of the twenty-one major theorists profiled by Moore, seven were Jews, or of Jewish descent.  Similarly, Jews are the subjects of one-third of the forty-two biographical entries contained in The Dictionary of Anthropology.2  Two of the five major biographical articles in the Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology3 deal with the work of Boas and Claude Lévi-Strauss.

Anthropology, if anyone paid attention to it, would be hugely important, determining who we are as human beings and our role in the world. It’s absolutely ridiculous that goblins control this. It’s unacceptable that any of us would believe in their twisted view of humanity and our ancestry.

To see more introductions on and lists of the most well-known satanic figures in various other fields of science, this site isn’t a bad resource. Even without these names, however, simply the control of scientific publications like Popular Science, Scientific American, Science etc. is more than enough to control what message science will bring to the public.


Furthermore, the groups which credential scientists are all controlled. The first obvious group which controls science and any “great inventor” or “revered magnate” of science is freemasonry, essentially “phariseeism for goyim” in which goyim can join in on satanic rites. The founder of freemasonry in north america, for example, was a pharisee named Stephen Morin. The 9th and 11th rites are probably misandrist, anal-type rites, and so the KBH often refers to this group as the fagmasons. Anus worship is and has always been an essential part of “judaism”, a hellish realm filled with genitally mutilated men whose ultimate dream in life is to rub their scars of david in excrement. It shouldn’t be surprising that the founder of literal satanism was a freemason, “honorary” kosher, and the father of Barbara Bush, who saw the all-seeing eye in an unsurprisingly sick light. One of their rites is also apparently the literal kissing of that “star”, the osculum infame. Thus it shouldn’t surprise us that the Nazis heroically destroyed their lodges during the war, and it should be understandable why we consider masons to be effectively cryptos.

The Royal SocietyⓀ

The Royal Society is synonymous with science. It was founded by a kosher fagmason named Christopher Wren:

In the beginning of Speculative Fraternity under the Grand Lodge system the Freemasons avowed their devotion to the sciences more boldly, and even dramatically. The Royal Society was in the British public mind synonymous with science, and for more than a century it, and its offshoots, were the only exponents and practitioners of science in Britain. It began in 1660 and took its first organized form at a meeting of scholars in Gresham College who had assembled to hear a lecture by Bro. Sir Christopher Wren. Sir Robert Moray was elected its first president, March 6, 1661 A.D.; he was made a Freemason at Newcastle-on-Tyne on May 20, 1641. Dr. Desaguliers, who later became its secretary for a long period of years, was the “father of the Grand Lodge System.” and was one of Sir Isaac Newton’s closest friends. A lodge largely composed of Royal Society members met in a room belonging to the Royal Society Club in London. At a time when preachers thundered against these scientists, when newspapers thundered against them, street crowds hooted at them, and neither Oxford nor Cambridge would admit science courses, masonic lodges invited Royal Society members in for lectures, many of which were accompanied by scientific demonstrations.

The Pear Earth Society

Freemason (honorary kyke) and uber-honored “physicist” (the favored spokesman for science in ‘murica) is neil deGRASS tyson, who says the earth is pear-shaped:

Hope y’all had a good laugh. OM and Amen

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  1. ausvegankbh says:

    You need to take the Daily Stormer with a grain of salt. Anglin is not only a sucker to jew pseudoscience, he’s also anti-veganism/vegetarianism and ridicules celibacy (and yet he’s unlikely to be getting laid himself). DS is a tabloid compiler with a fallible editor, nothing more. I make the same judgement regarding Brother Nathanael, David Duke, Rense, David Icke and other individuals that produce favourable reading material.

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