Carnivorism, Jews and Immigration

Non-White slaughterhouse worker

Non-White slaughterhouse worker. Your next-door neighbor?

Often you’ll hear self-styled WN’s complain about immigration and say “beef is delicious” in the same breath. The fact is, meat consumption is fueling mass immigration of morally-impaired Mexicans to the USA who are employed by criminal Jews.

In an article which shows that things haven’t changed much since The Jungle, the author inadvertently illustrates the demographics of our current situation. This AP journalist interviews three workers in slaughterhouses, and all of them are Mexican, two of them with the same surname – Martin Cortez, Oscar Montoya, and Jose Maria Montoya (no relation to Oscar). Without directly making demographic claims, she interviews Lourdes Gouveia, director of the Office for Latino/Latin American Studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha for the story. Outsiders to the US situation would surely be curious why she’d choose such a person to comment. She goes on to say

The eastern Europeans who flocked to Chicago’s bustling stockyards 100 years ago have been replaced by Mexican and Central American immigrants chasing their own dreams in the remote reaches of the rural Midwest and Southeast….Some are refugees from countries such as Somalia, Sudan and Vietnam; many more journey across the Mexican border and find their way to Nebraska, Kansas or other states where giant meat plants seem to have an inexhaustible need for labor.

In another article which talks nothing of demographics, all workers mentioned have clearly Hispanic names – Ramon Moreno and Martin Fuentes, whose whose arm was kicked and shattered by a dying cow. He worked in a Jewish-owned slaughterhouse which had cows butchered alive.

And then there’s one about a mass illegal immigrant arrest – “the raid was the biggest ever conducted in Iowa and may be the largest single-facility arrest ever carried out by US immigration authorities.” Disturbingly, the immigrants fled to their Catholic churches for protection, also an indicator of the ethnicity of the illegals.

The governor of Iowa supported the action, but

Postville’s Mayor Robert Penrod was less supportive of the ICE action, warning that if Agriprocessors—the largest employer in Iowa’s Allamakee County—shut down, the city would turn into “a ghost town.”

“There’s people who hate the Hispanics, and there’s people who don’t like the Jews and would like to run them out of town,” he said, but he added that the majority of the town’s residents understood the plant’s importance for the local economy.

“Most of those arrested were from either Mexico or Guatemala, while some others were immigrants from Israel and Ukraine.” The article names Sholom Rubashkin as the CEO of Agriprocessors, the largest supplier of kosher meat in America.

It turns out this Jewish-owned slaughterhouse town in Iowa was a draw for the diversity/multi-cult crowd:

The town became a regular stop for out-of-town reporters looking for a story about America’s diversity. A documentary crew visited. National Geographic did a pictorial. Journalism professor Stephen Bloom wrote a book, “Postville: A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America.”

Many WN’s associate meat eating with virility and strength, yet ignore the heavy involvement of Jews in the meat industry. It is said in the Talmud that killing pigs is lucky for Jews, and the bosses of every slaughterhouse I’ve ever heard of have been Jewish. Jews are also major consumers of meat. Also names like “Schneider” and “Bucher” (Germanic/Northern European surnames meaning butcher) tend to belong to Jews.


Family of misopede mass butcher and Jew, Sholom Rubashkin

Ain’t it interestin how all crime is related? Rubashkin was later found to be hiring teenagers as well. He was also found guilty of massive fraud, which by US legal code should give him life in prison. But Jonathan Edelstein (his Jewish lawyer) describes this as “non-violent crime.” He was only sentenced to 27 years (which he won’t serve). The story on this kosher slaughterhouse goes even further to say that the plant was producing drugs, underpaying workers, physically abusing workers, and buying sex:

A government affidavit cites claims that methamphetamine was being produced at the company’s Postville, Iowa, plant, that undocumented workers were paid $5 per hour, and that a Jewish kosher supervisor taped a worker’s eyes and abused him with a meat hook.

In the weeks since the raid, workers have also charged that female employees were offered improved working conditions in exchange for sexual favors and that underage workers were employed at the plant in defiance of Iowa labor laws.

Mexican slaughterhouse worker

Mexican slaughterhouse worker

Jews have traditionally encouraged mass immigration into the societies they live in, so that they may remain only a few out of the many minorities and have increased protection from Nationalism and Fascism. Slaughterhouses make a lot of money, Jews are not famous for loving a clean environment, slaughterhouses require criminals to man their lines, Jews control immigration and can open the gates…so logically the US should have Jewish-owned slaughterhouses manned by criminal immigrants.

This article further illustrates the dominance of Mexicans in slaughterhouses, that Mexican slaughterhouse workers unionize and protect illegal aliens. And this AP article Meatpacking Remakes Rural U.S. Towns makes the connection crystal clear:

[Dodge City] is the home of Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson, of Boot Hill and the Long Branch Saloon, of cattle drives, buffalo hunters and the romance of the American West.

Today, downtown [Dodge City] has Mexican restaurants and stores more reminiscent of shops south of the border than Main Street Kansas. The city of 25,176 even has a new nickname: “Little Mexico.”

And finally the clearest article of all, quoted from Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser, 2002:

In the 1980s large numbers of young men and women from Mexico, Central America, and Southeast Asia started traveling to rural Colorado. Meatpacking jobs that had once provided a middle-class American life now offered little more than poverty wages. Thousands of new migrants now travel north to work in the slaughterhouses and meat processing plants of the High Plains. These migrants come mainly from Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Many were once farm workers in California, where steady jobs in the fields are now difficult to find. To farm workers who’ve labored outdoors, ten hour a day, for the nation’s lowest wages, meatpacking jobs often sound too good to be true.

To sustain the flow of new workers into IBP slaughterhouses, the company has for years dispatched recruiting teams to poor communities throughout the United States. It has recruited refugees and asylum-seekers from Laos and Bosnia. It has recruited homeless people living at shelters in New York, New Jersey, California, North Carolina, and Rhode Island. It has hired buses to import these workers from thousands of miles away. IBP now maintains a labor office in Mexico City, runs ads on Mexican radio stations offering jobs in the United States, and operates a bus service from rural Mexico to the heartland of America.

The real costs of the migrant industrial workforce are being borne not by the large meatpacking firms, but by the nation’s meatpacking communities. Poor workers without health insurance drive up local medical costs. Drug dealers prey on recent immigrants and the large, transient population usually brings more crime. The high turnover rate in meatpacking is driven by the low pay and the poor working conditions. Workers quit on meatpacking job and float from town to town in the High Plains, looking for something better. Moving constantly is hard on their personal lives and their families.

In 1990, IBP opened a slaughterhouse in Lexington. A year later, the town, with a population of roughly seven thousand, had the highest crime rate in the state of Nebraska. Lexington became a major distribution center for illegal drugs; gang members appeared in town and committed drive-by shootings; the majority of Lexington’s white inhabitants moved elsewhere; and the proportion of Latino inhabitants increased more than tenfold, climbing to over 50 percent. “Mexington” – as it is now called, affectionately by some, disparagingly by others – is an entirely new kind of American town, one that has transfigured to meet the needs of a modern slaughterhouse.

Even John Allan Martinson has stated that those who oppose mass immigration of criminal Mexicans should be vegetarian. It would be more rational for WN’s to stop committing hate crimes against Mexicans, and simply stop inviting them to their country so that they can eat beef burgers.

Is meat eating pro-immigration activity in other countries, too? See part two to find out.

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