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Faggit = Misopede

UPDATE 2015/12/11: I was put in fagberg jail for two days because I posted the picture below: …though there is many pics like it on the interwebs which show that the big cheeses in the LGBTP movement tend to get … Continue reading

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Top Ten Unknown Facts about Circumcision

American men are crimped, not cut. The Gomco (Goldstein Medical Company) clamp crushes off the foreskin slowly in a process that usually takes around 18 minutes. This fact is important because circumcision centuries ago was “only” a cut (to create a scar/tribal … Continue reading

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Rat-faced Chinese Misopede Kills Cop, Gets Away with It

This rat-faced Chinese misopede named Han Fangyi (韓方奕) didn’t like having their papers checked by the traffic police, so he hit a policeman with his car. When another policeman named Shi Yingcai 史英才 came in his defence, Han Fangyi and … Continue reading

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The Source of Savagery

A casual glance at circumcision practice in the world and throughout history will reveal Africa as its primary proponent and primary source. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVIqIPU08wo The background of this practice is vampiric medicine, where the afflicted believes they must steal as much … Continue reading

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Insane Chinese Smorking

OK so if you don’t know Chinglish, then know that “smoking” in Chinglish is “smorking,” because they think if you randomly add r’s into English, it makes it more stangda.* And boy do they smork. Fumes flow from their dragon-monkey … Continue reading

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Rastus Jones Done Predicted it

Folks in Portland, Oregon accused Rastus Jones of goin’ overboard with predictions that Portland with its amateur and very faggy porno film festival would start to have major issues with child prostitution. Mr. Jones has given himself fame with his … Continue reading

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Explosive Self-abuse

A man watching porn at a SF private booth spontaneously burst into flames. Though firefighters arrived at the scene unusually fast, they still couldn’t figure out what caused the man to combust. [more] The fact that he caught on fire … Continue reading

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