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Stephen Drooling prominent appendage at Epswine child mips parties

I was watchin this lovely video from Dr. Duke when I noticed at about halfway that prominently featured in the graphic for Epswine’s kiddie smuggling and rape island was our mangled, mutilated modern swine-ance superhero on wheels, Stephen Drooling: Later … Continue reading

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Demonia Merdel’s snake dance

We think its belly is filled with several kilos of roundworms from sucking on a combined total length of six million meters of kosher sausage. Is this communist wench literally possessed by snakes – or at least, the people of … Continue reading

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Atheist techies are pothead degenerates

Neil deGRASS Lately people have been noticing that the world’s biggest baal earth promoter, Neil deGrass Tyson, aside from being an affirmative-action hymie-weird-style hyped up mythical supanigga from da hood, is obstreperously a pothead. Somewhere in the haze of his … Continue reading

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