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Thor 322? Another Odinut Clue

Today we found a picture and story which serve as more interesting clues as to why the odinuts, Vag Baphomette, Jack Donovan and Lyle Kunt are all such phlaming phaggit satanists. Apparently, Skull and Bones initiates are all called Thor … Continue reading

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The Right To Choose Rape

(this is an article by Mike Adams, see original link here) Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of “Feminists Say the Darndest Things: A Politically Incorrect Professor Confronts “Womyn” On Campus”. … Continue reading

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Reisman omits Jewish role in porn industry and pedophilia movement

Reisman omits Jewish role in porn industry and pedophilia movement Judith Reisman’s role is to exhonerate jews, who in fact control the porn industry and could make it stop today if they wanted – and who run the world’s largest pedophilia … Continue reading

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Top Ten Unknown Facts about Circumcision

American men are crimped, not cut. The Gomco (Goldstein Medical Company) clamp crushes off the foreskin slowly in a process that usually takes around 18 minutes. This fact is important because circumcision centuries ago was “only” a cut (to create a scar/tribal … Continue reading

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The CIA And The Crack Epidemic

Late investigative journalist Gary Webb revealed how the CIA was involved with the drug trade in the USA. He died in 2004. On December 10, 2004, he was found dead from two gunshot wounds to the head.[23] Sacramento County coroner Robert Lyons asserts … Continue reading

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Corrective Lesbian Rape in South Africa

We’ve been seeing a lot of stories about corrective rape against lesbians (misogynists). Considering what Dr. Rob (a practicing physician in Moscow) has said about intact men, raping a woman with the full male body in place is nearly impossible, … Continue reading

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Convicted Rapists Who Didn’t Rape

    If a man sticks his weapon into a pelvic snot hole, he will end up hurting himself. The pain is described as utterly excruciating.   The unexcited, dry mucosal obstetric female orifice (MOFO) causes the man’s prepuce to … Continue reading

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