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Queen Chrissie Hynde

  Is Chrissie Hynde a totally based shootlord? After watching her interviews and reading her tweets, the KBH has decided most resoundingly yes. Take her vocal stance against feminuttery: Most recently, Hynde struck a particularly sensitive chord when she told … Continue reading

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Gnu Blog

There’s a gnu KBH-affiliated blog from “Magic” Br. Melvis. Czech it out, y’all:

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On Semen Retention

The primary purpose of this paper is to condense and prioritize the various methods by which a man may successfully retain his semen and stop producing the gross physical semen. It is written in response to the dearth of knowledge … Continue reading

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Jeeber’s Hatha Yoga (हठयोग) Log

The word hatha is a compound of the words ha and tha meaning sun and moon, referring to prana and apana, and also to the principal nadis (energy channels) of the subtle body that must be fully operational to attain … Continue reading

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Hinduism Is At The Forefront Of Promoting Vegetarianism

The religion that is doing the most to promote the vegetarian lifestyle is the hindu religion, this indicates that the most moral religious force in the world is the hindu religion. In Hinduism cows are held as sacred, this is … Continue reading

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The Vishnu Nabhi

In hindu cosmology there is a part of the universe called the “vishnu nabhi”. In modern cosmology we understand the planets as revolving around the sun but we do not know what precisely governs the motion of the sun. In … Continue reading

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Chanting The Name Of The Lord

One of the best ways to associate yourself with God, is through His name. All aspiring celibates should constantly be associating themselves with God. Chanting / Mantra repetition is one of the greatest ways to do this. God’s name or … Continue reading

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Tibetan Buddhism in the Park

Yesterday I went with two of my long-time friends – nuns from Longchang Temple and Buddhist masters Jijing and Jili who cutely go around like a single package, like happy sisters. They were initiated into Tibetan Buddhism in Kangding, Sichuan … Continue reading

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Religion brought down to the earth.

Religion is what you do. Furthermore, religion is all about developing good habits. (The life of a monk is called his “habit.”) The work of religion consists in developing good habits. The religious man strives to develop the exercise habit, … Continue reading

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Mantak Chia: Brown Demon

Readin’ this Chia pet‘s books is like talkin’ to a bum on the street who claims to be multi-drunkic, that when he drinks, he doesn’t just get high once, but multiple times. He says the trick to this is to … Continue reading

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