Kingdom Regeneration in “The Journey West”

Tang Monk gets info on the Biqiu fiefdom, chapter 78

Tang Monk gets the scoop on Biqiu fiefdom and why there are boys under the age of seven in cages in front of every home, The Journey West, chapter 78

From the 78th chapter of The Journey West [pdf], the greatest classic novel in Chinese history:

“Wujing is right,” said Brother Monkey. “Go to bed now, Master, and tomorrow morning I’ll go to court with you to see what this Elder of the Nation is like. If he’s human he’s probably a heretic who doesn’t follow orthodox ways but believes in drugs, and I’ll convert him with the essential teachings of intrinsic nature.

The above quote is Wukong (Brother Monkey) talking about the fake Daoist who suggested the king eat the hearts of children in order to be healthy.

Wukong accosts the fake king

Wukong in the 78th chapter accosts the fake king for drug use and MMM

“Your Majesty,” said Monkey, “from now on you should be less greedy for your sexual pleasures and accumulate more hidden merit. In whatever you do you should use your strong points to make up for your weaknesses. This is the way to get rid of your illness and prolong your life. That’s what we’ll tell you.”

Sun Wukong

Wukong celebrates his rule over the "Monkeys" - a bestial analogy of the Metallic type

All five of the protagonists in The Journey West are chaste, vegetarian, sober wanderers. Their qualities as given by the five elements are as follows:

Sun Wukong, The Monkey King: Metal
Tang Monk: Water
Zhu Bajie, Brother Pig, Wood Mother: Wood
Sha Monk: Earth
Little White Dragon, The White Horse: Fire

Their goal in the story is to reach Nirvana, which all characters but Bajie succeed in doing. Bajie tried hard but did not succeed, so he was given a better incarnation. The novel is typically read for the action scenes and stupidly misunderstood to be a story of a monkey and a pig (both of which are mere symbols of their elemental types).

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5 Responses to Kingdom Regeneration in “The Journey West”

  1. Zhu Bajie is a reliable fighter though he is characterized by his insatiable appetites for food and sex, and is constantly looking for a way out of his duties, which causes significant conflict with Sun Wukong.

    And I would like to say that pigs are noble creatures and though they are symbolic od greed and lust I do not think they deserve that characterization.

  2. ANother thing worth noting is this story reminds us that historically the priests and healers were the same people. The spiritual leaders were also those in charge of medicine. Similar to how in certain tribal cultures they have witch-doctors. Although unfortunately some of those witch-doctors are involved with the use of psychedelic drugs which are ultimately harmful.

    They might provide a temporary trip but the toll it takes on the mind is a heavy one and sometimes people can be in a long term or even permanent state of madness from psychedelics.

    SPirituality should be pursued through chastity and spiritual exercises(prayer, meditation, and/or yoga). And if meditation is uncomfortable for some people they might be more comfortable with physical yoga and prayer.

  3. I think I am fundamentally water but I’d like to be more fire.

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