Metamorphosis IRL

Richard Shankbone, Proboscis Jew

Richard Shankbone, media monopoly criminal and Proboscis-type Jew

There are racial norms and special norms that are often stretched by spiritual changes. People of parasitic natures take on particularly jewish forms, like the 6-shaped nose, V-pattern baldness, shortness of stature, the flat forehead – which in general (though not often in total combination) make for a rat, lizard or proboscis monkey appearance. Similarly, some who are born with these traits begin to lose these traits, and begin to take on a more moral and upright appearance. Others begin to find them more attractive. Their opinions become more tranquil and humane – like opposing circumcision, slaughterhouses and poisonography. They may have children who in appearance and rearing have nothing to do with jewishness, satanism, or any other criminal/nomadic gang ideology.

Jimmy Wales, Iguana

Jimmy Wales, founder of Bomis poisonography, criminal information monopoly/fake charitable foundation "Wikipedia," and Iguana-type Jew

In the animal world we also see animals that push the horizons of specie. These changes may indicate future incarnations of these animals, as well as their unusual tendencies in their current lives.


A cat from Guizhou, China which has grown "wings"

Perhaps this catbird (or cat angel as the Chinese are calling it) will be incarnated as an eagle. Reportedly all the dogs in the neighborhood are afraid of it.


A real sheepdog, from Shaanxi, China

Could this “sheepdog” be a soul within a sheep that is pushing the limits of the sheep body toward doghood? Sheep are passive and friendly like dogs, but dogs can also attack other animals, eat meat and eat carrion. Dogs are not vegetarian, do not die as passively as sheep, and have very sharp noses. Their sharp sense of smell only aggravates the question of why they smell each other’s crotches. Prabhupada called recreational sexers “dogs” because they demean themselves by licking genitals and consuming the waste products of the genitals. Perhaps this incarnation of a sheep is more sexual, bloodthirsty, less naive, though still nice to humans, and therefore was “stretched” into a sheep/dog carnation and may be incarnated completely as a dog in its next life.


Oliver the humanzee was an alcoholic, smoker and rapist

Oliver the humanzee appears to be a chimp pushing the limits of a chimp body through human tendencies. These tendencies were very dangerous in a chimp body because chimps are four times stronger than humans and have no mechanism in the brain that is strong enough to form what could be called a conscience. Oliver could be reincarnated as a Black criminal living in the United States. From a commenter on Oliver calling himself Joseph Shea:

Over the months, my team commenced design and prototyping in a private hangar at Cable (N 2-4). We installed the controls and surrogate lifting surfaces onto a sled of sorts in order to permit a controlled examination of the operations without flight risk. In the fall of the year, I first met Oliver.

One our introduction, he merely strolled into our quonset hut, touched two fingers to his right brow without breaking gait, and helped himself to my package of Camel cigarettes. I was simply astonished. I had been working on a personal device, a machine designed to clean and polish Golf balls, that I intended to market to luxury hotels. Within several hours, Oliver had become familiar enough with the machine to safely operate it – he even adjusted a troublesome switch for the ejection/removal.

Over the winter months, we began testing our monkey piloted rocket sled. These tests occurred far out in the desert; you may still visit the area now by driving 90 or so miles east of a small town called Halloran Springs. While the mechanical testing went well, I began to see the ugly side of Oliver – a side that perplexed and frightened me. A chronic smoker, he would slip into despondent periods during which he would drink alcohol heavily and show aggressive behavior. Several instances nearly shut down the project; one involved his brandishing an empty bottle and striking an assistant (it was poor old man Miller) over the head, apparently to take possession of his felt hat. As Miller lie in the sand, unconscious, I observed Oliver to exalt in the moment, wavering both limbs wildly and flashing his teeth while hooting. He wore the hat for several days, then filled it with his own urine and left it.

Still more troubling was his untoward sexual conduct. In another incident, a young support staff worker, Patty, fled the camp in a rush and did not return the following week. Months later I was to learn that Oliver had attacked her sexually, and that their union had in fact resulted in pregnancy. Richard arrived to discuss the matter and here revealed that Oliver was, indeed, a hybrid simian. Attempts to breed him to human females had taken place, with those results being termed horrible “pirates and ringmasters”. I learned only later that Patty had been spirited off from the area in order to deliver the offspring of Oliver. I was only too glad when testing was complete. I never heard another word regarding the Op or of Oliver until recently. The recent spate of news makes me wonder if it is all timed to coincide with the progeny of Oliver.

It’s also noteworthy that some animals like ligers, tigons, litigons, and mules have the destiny to be interbred with other species as part of human experimentation. The incarnation is the result of interest in seeing sexual behavior, so for example, a liger would be an odd soul that likes to see inter-species breeding. The same would be true for racially-mixed people, except they would have enjoyed seeing inter-racial sex before deciding to get incarnated. These souls are likely trying to bend their current tendency type into another one and may be incarnated as a different specie or race in the future. (For reference, not only humans have races, but animals as well. I believe lions have seven different races, and giant tortoises have fourteen).


A liger

A topic newly refreshed by the insane radiation crisis in Japan is the possibility of radiation and genetic mutation. Unfortunately, neo-Darwinism being wrong as it is, these mutations will have no positive and only destructive results. Animals and humans that are mutated will take on odd appearances and may be indications of new carnations. In the KBH article on spiderwomen, there is a photo of a mutated pair of twins who were grown together and have to walk around like a spider, for example.


The image used for the KBH "Spiderwomen" article

Here is a compilation of animals either acting like other animals or like certain kinds of people [warning: explicit animal behavior]:

The reason these images are funny is because they are strange. Human behaviors in animals are rare. Also interbreeds of different species are so rare that most scientists think it’s impossible. This means that if a human soul is demoted to the animal kingdom, he will be trapped there for countless lifetimes. In Buddhism they say it is nearly impossible to change from one animal incarnation to another, just as it is nearly impossible to move back up to being a human. It’s much easier to move down than it is to move up. Being a human is seen as being a great chance for greatness, because getting to this point is very hard. If we get to this point, but get demoted back down, our next chance as a human will be thousands if not millions of years away.

Our incarnations are not stable and can change at any time. Our behavior starts to effect our outer appearance immediately and is a course of momentum that is not stopped by death. Death is the soul losing it’s current body, which is like our home is to our bodies. If we get kicked out of this home, we will probably move to another, but our home being destroyed does not mean that we are dead. In the same way, the body being destroyed does not mean our soul is destroyed. We must move somewhere, and it is important for all to realize that our behavior is this momentum that will move us to our next incarnation – or if we can escape that, which stage of heaven we’ll make it to.

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5 Responses to Metamorphosis IRL

  1. “These tendencies were very dangerous in a chimp body because chimps are four times stronger than humans and have no mechanism in the brain that is strong enough to form what could be called a conscience.”

    -I totally disagree with the idea that chimps can’t have consciences, chimps can have consciences that are better than any human and often do have better consciences.

    • janoklark says:

      Well let’s put it this way. If God wanted them to be thinkers, He’d have made them human, because humans have the greatest capacity to think. Monkeys naturally live by instinct and experience many emotions. I wouldn’t say that they don’t have fewer emotions than humans, but more. Emotion is a lower state than being able to think. What I meant by conscience is the ability to think about what you’ve done and decide if it is good or not. Feeling guilty alone is not having a conscience by this definition.

  2. Jimmy Wales is totally an iguana


    Aristotle’s Masterpiece, medieval english book that contains a section on physiognomy… that section is linked to above

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