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China’s Glory is in the Past

Living in China now is very easy. Any continent man can live here without a mortgage, rent payments, nor taxes. Without the burdens of sin, rarely is it necessary to go out and do work for money. The economy is … Continue reading

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A Manly Yin/Yang Ratio

Typically Yin is thought of as being female, and Yang as male. While this is true, it is not literally true and always true. The correct ratio of Yin to Yang is 40% to 60%. The Yang will then give … Continue reading

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Mantak Chia: Brown Demon

Readin’ this Chia pet‘s books is like talkin’ to a bum on the street who claims to be multi-drunkic, that when he drinks, he doesn’t just get high once, but multiple times. He says the trick to this is to … Continue reading

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Kingdom Regeneration in “The Journey West”

From the 78th chapter of The Journey West [pdf], the greatest classic novel in Chinese history: “Wujing is right,” said Brother Monkey. “Go to bed now, Master, and tomorrow morning I’ll go to court with you to see what this … Continue reading

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Pressure Point Meditation

I learned a kind of Qigong pressure point meditation here in China, and I’d like to share it with everyone. There are three points that we meditate on, between the eyebrows (the Xinmen or Heart Door), another point at one … Continue reading

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