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Honest beer commercial

This video relates to our previous post on why drinkin is faggy, increases estrogens, and causes things like manboobs, for example, the cancer of which is turning into a huge killer in the US. It also enforces the old KBH … Continue reading

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The Top Five Issues Facing Mankind

1. Abortion According to traditional morality, the weaker the victim, the younger the victim, the more human the victim, the greater the severity of the crime. Modern man has fooled himself into thinking that because he cannot see the abortion … Continue reading

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Beer and Fags is for Wimmin

Cigarettes was invented for wimmin: thus the “ette” suffix. There ain’t nothin’ manly about sucking fags. Keep in mind that Chinese men, who can barely be considered men at all, make up 1/3rd of the entire world’s smokers. The largest … Continue reading

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Dr. Russell Blaylock Nutrition And Behavior

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What Is Straight Edge?

Below are the lyrics to a song that founded the straight edge movement, a music scene centered upon sobriety. The same country in which the temperance movement started also spawned the straight edge movement. “I’m a person just like you … Continue reading

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Avoid Caffeine Tobacco And Strong Drink

The Lord foresaw theĀ situationĀ of today when motives for money would cause men to conspire to entice others to take noxious substances into their bodies. Advertisements which promote beer, wine, liquors, coffee, tobacco, and other harmful substances are examples of what … Continue reading

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For The Strength Of Youth Above is a link to a booklet in PDF form published by the mormons called For The Strength Of Youth. It advises youth on avoiding bad sexual habits and on avoiding unhealthy entertainment media among other things.

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