DS Protects Vag, Bans Lolocaustianity

Andrew Anglin, AKA “Chosess”, has tempbanned KBH Stormtrooper Lolocaustianity for suggesting that Vag Vaginess could possibly be a stump-sucking skype-lover. The ever fishy, hairy Vag burns down the very-most beautiful, intricate, ancient and glorious institutions of anti-skypery in all of Norway, and Chosess leads his people (jack-booted monkeys on a spinning baal) to respect and love him. When asked by KBH journalists if he had carrots to grill with Lolocaustianity, the short, bald neo-Nazi ranidophile who was busy spewing gaseous estrogen in their faces responded, “Muh unity.”

In previous gnus, Chosess bans all talk of our 5,500 year-old Flat Earth traditions from his traditionalist website.

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