The Garden of Eden / Devolution Part One

Kent Hovind’s theory (which is that of the Bible) is that the conditions of the world have been worsening since the garden of Eden, that life on earth has been devolving – not evolving.

giant humans

There were races of giant humans in ancient times, but poor nutrition in modern times has not been able to sustain them

It’s apparent to me in just my own life that things have been devolving. Moral standards have been in decline. Languages have been dying off, as have many animal species. Nutrition has gone on a massive decline (see “The Great Nutrition Robbery“). My nonna’s house had traditional parents, strict moral rules, Catholic education, raw, organic milk delivered to the door, fresh-ground peanut-butter, and fresh-squeezed orange juice at the market. My father was taught not to masturbate and he grew into a strong man who could fix a lot of things, build a lot of things, run in international track meets, edited a poetry journal at his college, authored quality poetry of his own, and fathered five children.

Giant rabbit

Left: the giant rabbit of old times, Nuralagus Rex, Spain. Right: the modern rabbit

When we look into archeology, we see that species of every animal used to be much larger. Take for example the giant sloth, the fossil of which reaches the ceiling. And just today on my Chinese blog I saw a message about giant rabbit fossils found in Spain.

It’s important, though, to take archeology with a large grain of salt. First, most of the bones on display at museums are fabricated. Unless these bones are of a known type of animal and not sold for huge amounts of public money, we can never be sure if they are representative of the truth or not. Also, dating methods are logically invalid. Scientists like Carl Sagan will excuse this with, “well at least modern scientists trying to make a good guess, and we’re willing to change our minds if the evidence merits it.” But they are not making good guesses. They are inflating years to exaggerate their prowess, increase prices charged to the public, and to make the evolution theory seem plausible (anything can happen in “billions and billions” of years). They are also not willing to change their mind in the face of new evidence. For example, there have been countless finds of huge human skeletons, many of them found in groups, and modern science has simply buried any mention of them.

Giant sloth of ancient times

Giant sloth of ancient times. They dont grow half as big as this now!

Dinosaur skeletons, if real, are not a problem to the Garden of Eden theory, since they appear to be giant reptiles. There are still small numbers of dinosaurs/dragons/huge reptiles living in the world today, which is described in depth by scientists working in the field of cryptozoology. These animals live where we would expect: in the nether regions, away from man, away from much competition for food where other giant creatures and predators have been forced to live. The swamp in Chad is as large as three US states, and more than 80% of it has never been seen by man. Much of the ocean has never been seen by man – man has no idea what’s down there or how deep it goes. Loch Ness is such a huge lake that you could fit the entire population of the world in it. (Nessie has had her back region photographed by a US Science magazine).

Giant Nephilia spider fossil found in China

Giant Nephilia spider fossil found in China, could catch birds and bats for prey and lived among dinosaurs/dragons

Modern science’s position on these finds are preposterous. First, bones are dated through the illogical and invalid methods of radioisotope dating. Second, they say that all the dragons our ancestors talked of and told stories about never existed. Suddenly, just to say that things are improving, science has been forced to assert that dinosaurs existed millions and millions of years ago, were a mistake by our Creator, and that several life forms such as ourselves were not supported by that ecosystem. To say there was evolution, we have to be getting better than our ancestors, so giant humans, super geniuses, and very-long lived ancestors couldn’t have existed (nutrition wasn’t better), and all our ancestors were stupid enough to believe in a god that made huge mistakes like dinosaurs, and on top of that they told stupid stories of dragons, modern scientists say. At best our ancestors were telling us nice lies, they say. Evolution and modern dragon denial gets to preposterous levels when you think of the Chinese, who use the dragon as their national symbol, have vast historical records concerning dragons, whose emperor had a government position “dragon feeder” along with dragon-pulled chariots….these same Chinese now deny any truth to any of it. They say dragons were all a lie, and dinosaurs millions of years ago are the truth, and that everything since (including man) has been evolving in a positive direction.

Ancient jumbo killer shrimp found in Morocco that had three-feet tentacles on its head

Ancient jumbo killer shrimp found in Morocco that had three-feet tentacles on its head

To the contrary, the evidence Hovind brings out is very refreshing. It re-establishes that not only were our ancestors not crazy, but that they lived in better times, had higher moral standards, better nutrition, and enjoyed a better environment than we do now. All of this comports with our everyday experience.

If you just think about the statistics between organic and conventional produce, it’s a wonder we all still have strength to live. It is said that organic produce has eight times the nutrition of conventional produce. And when my nonna was a kid, organic was all they had. Chinese have just lost organic produce in this generation. People my age here were raised on organic foods, but are now forced to eat bland, mealy produce at several times the cost. (High prices of Chinese food were actually a factor in the Egypt riots recently). Are we really supposed to believe that mankind is advancing? Until you can show us fresh milk delivered to our doorstep, why should we believe this nonsense?

Modern man prides itself on rearing weak children. In the old days, weak babies were allowed to simply die. This keeps undue burdens off the parents, does not prolong the unhappy life of weak children, and keeps the race strong. Modern man plays with statistics to pretend modern humans live longer. He includes children who died at birth or at young ages and figures that into the overall lifespan statistics. Even though there are plenty of records of very old sages and monks in ancient times, one 100-year-old sage averaged with one child who died at birth gives an average life span of 50 years. Modern man is very proud that the average age is now over seventy years.

There is no mention of quality of life in modern media concerning longer lifespans, because if that is figured in, the whole equation falls apart. Weak children and retards do not often live happy lives. People in cities with modern vices (due from artificial free time, nothing to do, boredom) commonly take drugs, alcohol, deathspasms, poisonography and other addictive, pointless and self-destructive things – and they are increasingly unhappy because of it. They breathe foul air, live in filth, and drink strange water. Their food is produced by petrochemicals. They try to make up for the lack of flavor in their food by buying food in greater quantity. Modern man is sad, unhealthy, and increasingly turns to vice, which in turn just makes him more depressed. Our distant ancestors were not bored. They were not born weak and kept artificially alive. The average man of old would look like a renaissance man today. Any of these assertions are commonly proven by our daily experience and our parents and grandparents.

raw milk delivery

Raw milk is again being delivered in some parts of Europe

Will devolution continue indefinitely? According to the Bible, the Book of Changes and other classic works it will not. Just as the sun sets, it must rise. It can’t be certain when real evolution/regeneration will get started on a general level, but according to many sources the nadir of the Kali Yuga is December of next year (2012). Perhaps past this point we’ll start to see real regeneration and the Garden of Eden will be at hand.

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