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The Fraud of Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins, minerals and all the nourishment we need are provided by nature naturally in the form of fruits, vegetables, nuts, milk, grains etc. Take a look at any vitamin supplement; look at the label – Does it list a food … Continue reading

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Kosher Science

What won’t kosher scientists believe? 1. Valid arguments against radiocarbon dating 2. Reams of evidence concerning giant races of humans in the past. Mass graves of giants. 3. Fossil evidence that rabbits, spiders, sloths, elephants, reptiles etc. etc. were much … Continue reading

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Devolution Theory Part 3: More Michael A. Cremo

Michael A. Cremo has come up with a new book further illustrating and proving the traditional, religious and traditional-scientific idea that since creation life on Earth has been devolving. A website introducing this work can be found here.

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Slutwalkers in Delusion

By now everyone has heard about the slutwalks in Canada. Unfortunately the Toronto police officer Michael Sanguinetti does not have the honor to stand of for his statement, so we will. We believe that both women and men share the … Continue reading

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The Allegory of the Tower of Babel

In the Bible is the story of the tower of Babel, which is interesting and true on many levels. The tower represents: globalization of language globalization of economy globalization of media a materialist stairway to heaven So right now there … Continue reading

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A Manly Yin/Yang Ratio

Typically Yin is thought of as being female, and Yang as male. While this is true, it is not literally true and always true. The correct ratio of Yin to Yang is 40% to 60%. The Yang will then give … Continue reading

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Haunted Jewels

On the 2008 meditation retreat in Andhra Pradesh, India, the meditation master Karunamayi warned her followers not to wear gold or diamonds. She recommended cheap wood beads for doing japas and stated that anything which is expensive on the market … Continue reading

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