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Who is Ai Weiwei?

The first thing you’ll notice about Ai is that he’s not a typical faggy Chinese. He’s big, strong, bearded (from testosterone) and sure of himself. When he sees cops or government officials he speaks in a clear, firm voice and … Continue reading

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Chinese Martial Arts, or Gongfu

Gongfu has a number of remarkable traditions and arises out of monasteries of celibate monks. However, seeing the recent Chinese Gongfu movies, one can assume that the practice as a whole is in terrible disarray, and that the greatest practitioners … Continue reading

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China Bans Lady Grossgross

The staunch advocate of misopedic rights in the media and purveyor of reams of dumb music, Lady Grossgross, is now officially banned in China. [read more]

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Human Evolution in China: Will Property Values Crash?

You have to study up on the evolution process in Japan and Korea to understand the markets in China. They all have the same system, i.e., the Chinese system. 1. Property is actually the system of taxation. The government owns … Continue reading

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Nanjing Vigilantism

It’s often held that vigilantism is bad because it breaks the cop monopoly on justice. As continent men all of us have a stronger sense of courage and like to see it in others. Although most Nanjingers are just like … Continue reading

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Chinese Artistic Renditions of Reincarnation

The top left is a wanker who has a posture which is warped from self abuse (curved on himself during the process which culminates in an electric shock [deathspasm] that further patterns cell replacement and distorts growth). If it is … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Facial Moles on Region 31

Recently we discussed the pervert Brian Morris and his mole on 法令 Fǎlìng Region, Region 28, and now we’ll discuss another face mole issue, the 比鄰 Bǐlín Region, Region 31, or “The Neighbors.” First we need to guess if the … Continue reading

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MGM Debate Developments

Glen Beck comes out in favor of genital mutilation, calling intactivists antisemitic. First, saving Jewish boys from genital mutilation is profoundly pro-Jewish and far more traditional (as pre-550 BC OT is anti-circ). Second, Beck is supposedly a Mormon, so perhaps … Continue reading

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Risking Death Penalty, Ancient Chinese Lobbyists Recommend Chastity and Save Country

莊王即位三年,不發號政令,日夜享樂,還下令說:「有敢進諫者,判死罪絕不饒赦!」 After King Zhuang had been king for three years, he stopped tending political affairs and reveled night and day, giving the order “Anyone who dares to attempt consulting me will be killed without hesitation.” 伍舉進宮勸諫,莊王左手抱鄭國美女,右手抱著越國美女,坐在歌舞樂隊之間。伍舉說:「我想說個謎語。」又接著說:「有一隻鳥棲息在土山上,三年來不飛也不叫,請問這是什麼鳥?」莊王說:「三年不飛,一飛必定沖天;三年不叫,一叫必定驚人。伍舉你退下吧,我知道你的意思了。」 Wu Ju went to … Continue reading

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Insane Chinese Smorking

OK so if you don’t know Chinglish, then know that “smoking” in Chinglish is “smorking,” because they think if you randomly add r’s into English, it makes it more stangda.* And boy do they smork. Fumes flow from their dragon-monkey … Continue reading

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