Auguste Piccard: Flat Earther

Auguste Piccard was an uber-credentialled, PhD’ed, Einswine fondling, 100% authentic materialist swinetist, who, in his disbelief of the Bible and lack of self control and meditation, had to go out looking for physical (dead) crap which he was measuring in order to “prove” things. He took the highest (real) flight into the upper atmos-hemisphere, almost “10 miles” (16km). He claimed to have serious problems with “leaking”, constantly attempting to plug the seals during the journey. His ship was later used for deep sea exploration, too, as it turns out. And what do we have here? This ad for mind-numbing whiskey takes on the “big lie” (chutzpah) strategy, apparently revealing the probable truth that Piccard broke through the firmament and into the waters above:

Interestingly, the word atmosphere was first applied to the moon in describing it’s sub-aquatic appearance:

It is observed in the solary eclipses, that there is sometimes a great trepidation about the body of the moon, from which we may likewise argue an atmosphaera, since we cannot well conceive what so probable a cause there should be of such an appearance as this, Quod radii solares a vaporibus lunam ambitntibus fuerint intercisi, that the sun-beams were broken and refracted by the vapours that encompassed the moon. [Rev. John Wilkins, “Discovery of New World or Discourse tending to prove that it probable there may be another World in the Moon,” 1638]

(Ironically the man who said this was a reverend who never thought to believe in the Bible’s assertion that the moon and sun are above the waters which are above the firmament as a way to explain the breaks and fractures in appearance).

Now after Piccard got up there, what did he see? “It seems a disk with upturned edges.”

Here’s more analysis:

Okay now so we know Auguste Piccard, Nicola Tesla and E. Michael Jones all believe in the flat earth, the latter being a PhD and believer in the Bible and the survival of our race. As time goes on, it gets ever-more apparent that baalers are jerk-offs who are mooning us, and FE’ers are honest, nice, and brilliant men.


OM and Amen brothers!

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9 Responses to Auguste Piccard: Flat Earther

  1. The ‘disc with up-turned edges’ can be explained by the orientation of the glass in his vehicle
    It’s basic lens and light refraction, sorry

    Why are some determined to believe the spherical earth is un-Biblical

    • janoklark says:

      because it is. the Bible has 72 different quotes expressing the explicit FE cosmology which was also the gold standard of nearly all ancient civilizations at the time. a book also extant when the Bible was compiled, the book of Enoch, goes into great detail about the general outline the Bible gives us. it is VERY important that we understand we are at the center of the universe, unmoving, and part and parcel of Yaweh (in His own image) – seen from a single convenient angle at the apex of our snowglobe. the ball isn’t just a ball. it’s baal. it’s satanic nihilism. if you start with the baal, all conclusions lead to less than dust of dust, “literally nothing in no time” etc. this is called satanism because the agents of satan, the pharisees, use this to say that they themselves are the highest power in our world and not Yaweh. OM

      • If You Insist,
        But I’ve Seen The Curvature Of The Earth With My Own Eyes
        Many Times, Without Leaving Terra-Ferma, No Camera Tricks
        A Spherical Earth With Gravity At The Center
        Is The Only Way The Entire Earth Could Have Held A Global Flood
        I Just Don’t See That A Spherical Earth Is Un-Biblical
        But I’ll Review Enoch, And See What I See

    • You believe that a researcher of his caliber simply forgot to account for the window he was looking out of? Are you serious?

  2. R. Ridgley says:

    No you have NEVER actually seen a curve, because no curve exist. I will grant you “I thought i saw a curve.” To say you saw something that does not exist, has you appearing a bit off. ijs

    • Yes, I Have
      Because Yes, It Does
      Here on your own site, you have cross section of the state of Kansas. The right-hand border represents the lower Mo-Kan border on the east, the let-hand border the higher Kan-Colo border. All up hill. The Kansas-Colorado border alt. is roughly 4,000ft. The base of the face of the Rockies 5-6,000ft, then the mountains shoot straight up from there to altitudes of over 13-14,000ft. Again, unobstructed view all increasing in higher altitude.. You can’t see the tops of those mountains peak above the horizon for at least another hour of driving due west into Colorado.
      Why ? Because the tops of the mountains are below the horizon,
      Why ? Because they are hidden beyond the curvature of the Earth.

      I’ve read lengthy essays about flat earth. About a third-way through, they make a leap of fantasy that they base the other 2/3 of the article on. I can’t think off-hand the particulars, and don’t need to because I’ve seen the curvature of the earth with my own eyes. Don’t bother telling me you can’t make the distant and exotic trip to the Kansas-Colorado border to not see the mountains for yourself. You don’t have to. You can see it anywhere on the planet, because the earth is globe-shaped the world over, in all directions

  3. Clifford Wade May itis beecause of the atmosphere ( dust, water ) you can’t see, have a look a many shoots done by guys with a Nikon P900 !

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