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The juice and Christianity

Om Brothers! The following is a reference list of facts and links on the subject of pharisees and Christians, copy-pasteable for your next online-debate with an anti-Christian (i.e., fake) WN. First, today’s fake jews are actually pharisees, and they readily … Continue reading

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Imminent demise for Lyle

The demise of Lyle Kunt (K) and his coalburner, shrieking, insane nagging wife Sine-aid Muhgarthy is imminent. It’s not only exposed that Sineaid was coalburning right as they formed Reniggayed Broad-casting, but that Lyle is a dyed-in-the-wool kyke. Just imagine, … Continue reading

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The Victory of Jesus and AH

Churcharson Media just posted: …which proves beyond any doubt that they are incorrigible, materialist chosens. The idea that one could kill one’s soul by killing their flesh is purely a kosher, satanic concept, only the grossest folly of the world’s … Continue reading

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Sine-aid Mugarty

Sorry to overload on this odinut/bagelnazi issue Brothers. But this is all too funny. Above is Sineaid showin off her hooknose in what appears to be a professional studio, makin kosher copywrong music with her pet nig, Tyrone, at a … Continue reading

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Rare bagelnazi photo

This exclusive photo was shot in Miami light rail of bagelnazis looking at Seanna Fenner and Sine-aid: Meanwhile, real WN’s are constructively working and meditating/praying as they maintain their high standard of morality (celibacy and abstinence). We’re not swilling seagram’s … Continue reading

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Carnivorism, Pharasites and Immigration (pt. 2)

You can’t eat your burger and be a nationalist, too. The phenomena explained in part one of this article determines that meat eating necessarily creates a mass influx of violent immigrants in the USA. This article expands the scope and … Continue reading

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Stumprapin: Stumpers on Rapin Rampages

Howdy, y’all. Talkin bout the great epidemic of laht karmic reaction to male genital mutilation, when wimminz who laugh or don’t care much bout the pain and sufferin of little boys gettin their willies crimped and twisted end up gettin … Continue reading

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