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Queen Chrissie Hynde

  Is Chrissie Hynde a totally based shootlord? After watching her interviews and reading her tweets, the KBH has decided most resoundingly yes. Take her vocal stance against feminuttery: Most recently, Hynde struck a particularly sensitive chord when she told … Continue reading

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Atheist techies are pothead degenerates

Neil deGRASS Lately people have been noticing that the world’s biggest baal earth promoter, Neil deGrass Tyson, aside from being an affirmative-action hymie-weird-style hyped up mythical supanigga from da hood, is obstreperously a pothead. Somewhere in the haze of his … Continue reading

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Religious journal, Uncle Jeebers, 2013/08/15

observing chemical changes in the brain is just showing the effects of spiritual action, mental action, and behaviors. it’s chasing shadows. the chemicals don’t cause these things, rather they are the result of these things. if you injected these chemicals … Continue reading

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Vitamin D Fortified Milk

Some people consider it unethical to drink milk such as vegans and some people only drink milk from cows who were milked in a less cruel way than the way some cows are milked. As far as milk goes in … Continue reading

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Who Was the Author of Peter Pan, Part Three

Yet another sinister reference to James Matthew Barrie has been found. After the cyban revolution the United States spread propaganda in Cuba that Fidel Castro was going to send their children to Soviet indoctrination centers and so 14,000 children were … Continue reading

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The Top Five Issues Facing Mankind

1. Abortion According to traditional morality, the weaker the victim, the younger the victim, the more human the victim, the greater the severity of the crime. Modern man has fooled himself into thinking that because he cannot see the abortion … Continue reading

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Insane Chinese Smorking

OK so if you don’t know Chinglish, then know that “smoking” in Chinglish is “smorking,” because they think if you randomly add r’s into English, it makes it more stangda.* And boy do they smork. Fumes flow from their dragon-monkey … Continue reading

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Massive Hormone Doses Apparent Cause of De-sexing

When an apparent extreme limit has been passed, opposite effects begin to appear. This is explained in the first chapter of The Book of Changes in the last line, “亢龍有悔“, kàngkóngyǒuhuǐ. This line specifically speaks of the masculine, Yang energy … Continue reading

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Beer and Fags is for Wimmin

Cigarettes was invented for wimmin: thus the “ette” suffix. There ain’t nothin’ manly about sucking fags. Keep in mind that Chinese men, who can barely be considered men at all, make up 1/3rd of the entire world’s smokers. The largest … Continue reading

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Dude. I totally have a hot girlfriend, but she’s in another state.

Also, like we just killed O-summa camel jockey who commanded planes into the pentagon and stuff from a laptop computer and satellite hookup in a mountain cave in What’s-it-called-istan. He’s now called Been-laden with Lead, arf arf. BTW don’t ask … Continue reading

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