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MGM Debate Developments

Glen Beck comes out in favor of genital mutilation, calling intactivists antisemitic. First, saving Jewish boys from genital mutilation is profoundly pro-Jewish and far more traditional (as pre-550 BC OT is anti-circ). Second, Beck is supposedly a Mormon, so perhaps … Continue reading

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Ancestor Worship for Integrity

One Sunday in Mormon church there was a speaker who spoke of the holy calling to research one’s genealogy and learn the stories and history of one’s ancestors. She mentioned that this is a specific duty of all Mormons, and … Continue reading

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BYU In The News

Brigham Young University recently banned a star basketball player from playing on the team for the rest of the season due to him engaging in sexual activity before marriage while a student at BYU. A star college basketball player at … Continue reading

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Joseph Smith And The Occult

Joseph Smith was known to come from an occult background. The term occult is not used here to refer to ouija boards and channeling and summoning spirits. Those sorts of activities are discouraged as they can lead to demonic possession. … Continue reading

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Mormon Endowment Ceremony And Excommunication On Show “Big Love” HBO

Warning: do not watch if you do not want to know the mysteries of the mormon church, the endowment ceremony is supposed to be kept a secret except for the initiated. Traditional mormon morality advocates that mormons take the householder(hindu … Continue reading

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History Of The Mormon Church

Utah was once a theocracy. At one point in time in America the mormon church functioned as a seat of governance in the state of Utah. Brigham Young, founder of The LDS sect of mormonism, was the first governor of … Continue reading

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The Significance Of Mormon Religious Undergarments

Mormon undergarments are sometimes mocked with the epithet magick underwear. Here is the true significance of this “magick underwear”: There has been quite a debate about LDS ceremonial garments, routinely called “Mormon undergarments”. The use and purpose of these garments have … Continue reading

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