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Who are the ‘nese?

The Chinese are different. Well, not actually different, just lacking in a lot of things Europeans have. When you try to understand China, you don’t “over analyze”. Chinese don’t have morality. Morality is a Western concept. Chinese HAD ethics, but now they sort of … Continue reading

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Who is Ai Weiwei?

The first thing you’ll notice about Ai is that he’s not a typical faggy Chinese. He’s big, strong, bearded (from testosterone) and sure of himself. When he sees cops or government officials he speaks in a clear, firm voice and … Continue reading

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Chinese Martial Arts, or Gongfu

Gongfu has a number of remarkable traditions and arises out of monasteries of celibate monks. However, seeing the recent Chinese Gongfu movies, one can assume that the practice as a whole is in terrible disarray, and that the greatest practitioners … Continue reading

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China Bans Lady Grossgross

The staunch advocate of misopedic rights in the media and purveyor of reams of dumb music, Lady Grossgross, is now officially banned in China. [read more]

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Kosher Science

What won’t kosher scientists believe? 1. Valid arguments against radiocarbon dating 2. Reams of evidence concerning giant races of humans in the past. Mass graves of giants. 3. Fossil evidence that rabbits, spiders, sloths, elephants, reptiles etc. etc. were much … Continue reading

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Human Evolution in China: Will Property Values Crash?

You have to study up on the evolution process in Japan and Korea to understand the markets in China. They all have the same system, i.e., the Chinese system. 1. Property is actually the system of taxation. The government owns … Continue reading

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Nanjing Vigilantism

It’s often held that vigilantism is bad because it breaks the cop monopoly on justice. As continent men all of us have a stronger sense of courage and like to see it in others. Although most Nanjingers are just like … Continue reading

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A Breakdown of Chinese Wimmin

This post will discuss the negative aspects of Chinese women. The purpose is not to hate them but to rather get their inflated image down to earth and back to reality. This is also the reason why the KBH, though … Continue reading

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Chinese Artistic Renditions of Reincarnation

The top left is a wanker who has a posture which is warped from self abuse (curved on himself during the process which culminates in an electric shock [deathspasm] that further patterns cell replacement and distorts growth). If it is … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Facial Moles on Region 31

Recently we discussed the pervert Brian Morris and his mole on 法令 Fǎlìng Region, Region 28, and now we’ll discuss another face mole issue, the 比鄰 Bǐlín Region, Region 31, or “The Neighbors.” First we need to guess if the … Continue reading

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