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Animals that Fight Back

Elephants often find Hindu liquor stashes, drink them up, then go on Hindu killing rampages. [1] Chimpanzees are reportedly doing the same thing in Uganda. [1] This could be seen as animals acting as a vehicle of destruction against drinkers … Continue reading

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The Ins and Outs of Reincarnation

Matter and energy are conserved. This is a scientific law of old and of today. If they are conserved, then matter changes form and energy changes place. What if then, all the subtle energy (consciousness) forms one huge pool, and … Continue reading

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A Manly Yin/Yang Ratio

Typically Yin is thought of as being female, and Yang as male. While this is true, it is not literally true and always true. The correct ratio of Yin to Yang is 40% to 60%. The Yang will then give … Continue reading

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Is Natural Birth Dangerous?

Natural birth is treating pregnancy as a healthy thing, and women who are confident in their health and the health of their baby see no reason why there would be problems – they’re more than glad to have their babies … Continue reading

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Are The Maori And El Salvadorans Related?

The following is a picture of a Maori with tribal tattoos And the following is an El Salvadoran gang tattoo Some people say that the American Indians of both North and South America came to The Americas through Russia traveling … Continue reading

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“Yeah, dude, I totally ‘hooked up’ with that chick last night…”

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Bolivia Enshrines Nature

Bolivia has passed a law, and if enforced, will give real political rights to nature, the same as for people. Bolivia is currently suffering from mining pollution. [read more….]

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