The Virus Theory

The virus theory is a modern superstition. Throughout the ages man has blamed invisible and imperceptible entities for grave problems in individual health and society. The reason for this is by blaming such entities no one in society is held responsible for their actions. On a personal level, no one is blamed and held to justice. On a macro level, each individual’s issues combine to create environmental destruction. The only way to avoid responsibility for such a dire situation is to blame it on a random, imperceptible cause.

Most people assume that viruses can be seen, but they cannot. Viruses have never been shown to exist in fresh blood. Currently hospitals use 1960’s technology microscopes which require that blood be killed by light and dye. Viruses are crystals that form in dead blood. In the 1990’s a German doctor invented darkfield microscopy, which allows doctors to show fresh, live blood. Instead of being praised for his highly advanced invention, he’s been excoriated. Any doctor found using it in the US is arrested, fined and harassed. It is used widely in Japan, however. But it will never be broadly accepted in the West because the popular superstition there is viruses, which are shown not to exist by this technology.

In southeast Asia, in keeping with Traditional Chinese Medicine, the prevailing theory of disease is not viral or bacterial. True Chinese medicine diagnoses how a person’s personal habits affect one’s health. The fundamental text of Chinese Medicine is Huangdi Neijing 《黃帝內經》. Major causes of disease as shown by this classic include masturbation, bad posture, meat eating and ire (whole-body anger).

For thousands of years China has had a widely vegetarian, chaste society, which created a vast population of subtle-featured, short-statured, long-lived farmers. They’ve lived so long without “sex lives,” meat or alcohol that in the modern era they are both highly sensitive to the effects of these things and highly susceptible to addiction. Chinese women have flat chests, flat buttocks and small mouths. Chinese get drunk very easily and constantly vomit during parties. Anti-sex and masturbation dharma is so well-instilled in Chinese that even as they have a sexual revolution, most men openly admit that it is killing their good health.

Dr. Zou takes pulse

Dr. Zou takes pulse. He takes very sick patients all day, never uses a mask or latex gloves, and never gets "catches" a disease

I know a Traditional Chinese Doctor here named 鄒 Zou. He can diagnose any disease simply by taking a pulse and looking at the tongue. He can treat any disease through consultation and provision of cheap herbs. He is a simple man who lives in a crumbling concrete box. He’s not interested in money, but interested in helping people. He, like many sincere doctors like him, is frustrated that his patients almost never take his advice.

Unlike Jewish medicine, Chinese medicine has been curing the common cold for over two thousand years. A cold normally needs a week or two to run its course, but with Chinese medicine, you can categorize what type of cold you have and know what you should be doing to fix it. If you follow the regimen strictly, you’ll be better in two days.

Unlike Jewish medicine, Chinese medicine can cure all diseases. There is no list of diseases that are incurable. There is no list of dangerous viruses. Chinese medicine does not agree that viruses exist. The word 病毒 was only added to Chinese dictionaries in the 1960’s. To this day Traditional Chinese Doctors regularly prescribe chastity, vegetarian diet, and abstinence from intoxicants along with possible herb, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. China has the most successful, enduring system of medical science the world has known.

Many Chinese have become so accustomed to Chinese medicine that they think it can resolve any problem. There is an ancient joke provided in the book 《笑林廣記》which describes a convicted criminal about to be decapitated. When asked, “Do you have any last requests?” He responds, “Yes! Please give me one ton of knotweed root!”

I’m sure no one is laughing, but this man believed so much in Chinese medicine, that he thought it would cure decapitation. Knotweed root is known to boost nervous function, particularly in men with weak (Chinese) kidney function. (“Kidney” here is not the literal kidney spoken of in Jewish medicine). Even though it is just a joke, it shows you how much faith the average man has in this system.

During the Cultural Revolution, the communist party distributed handbooks on acupuncture and several other self-help topics. Actually all Chinese medicine except more advanced herbology can be performed by layman. Any person of average intelligence can learn the five elements and their position in the body parts and what elements common foods and household items belong to. If you buy a simple book on the matter, you can perform Chinese Traditional Medicine at home with mere household items that cost just pennies.

Good knowledge of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Ayurveda, Tibetan Medicine, Japanese Buddhist energy medicine (Reiki 靈氣) and any other religion-based medical science can be very helpful to households living in the country and who are independent of hospitals and Jewish medicine. This author quit going to standard doctors after becoming celibate in 2006, and has treated every ailment with traditional methods and great success. Monks and nuns in China typically have no access to hospitals, know their own TCM and live to very long ages.

Sorry for wastin’ so much of your time. Amen and OM.

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