WordPress anti-KBH censorship

Y’ello fam. It’s been a looong time since poastin but here goes.

Wankpress has deleted the entire Italian version of this blog without warning or reason.

We’ve said a lot of uncomfortable truths here on WordPress®™, and with monstrous ratings for such classic articles as Mormon undergarments and Jim Jones Wankee, we figured we stayed on by right of our glorious virtue as knights and the ability of WordPress®™, Co., Ltd. to have relevant content, esp. in this age of hypersexualization and male humiliation.

The TOS says nothing about banned political opinions, which leaves only the possibility of copywrong infraglement. By our logic that could be that the last poast, bein in the italian language and about a certain hinjew/hairy kikenah fake guru, terrorist, drug runner and pimp would have enfrangulated on the rights of said streetpooper, who was some CIA asset founded and funded by pharisees. Copywrong is a typical copout used now also on Youboob, a kind of excuse for censoring anything that goes against their kosher, anti-Christian, anti-Nazi agenda.

We have written the (((admins))), but for all practical purposes, watch out for a gnu poast on the original website for a complete mirroring of former poasts. If Wormpress gets saucy with us we’ll just pull all our content and host it on our own servers.

Be well, fellow celibate cavaliers. Amen and DEUS VULT.

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2 Responses to WordPress anti-KBH censorship

  1. janoklark says:

    wormpress admins still have no response for their disgusting behavior. a blog of seven years completely erased from history because one of their streetpooper colleagues got their jimmies rustled

  2. janoklark says:

    the KBH has backed up this entire blog and is prepared to host it ourselves in case Pajit wants to send it to the designated pooping street. we don’t have to provide you with top-notch content anymore, and neither does anyone else.

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