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So, she cheated on you?

Congratulations, my brother. She cheated on you? Good! This article will not delve into the deeper psychology of your shock and trauma. Because there is none. The trauma is all hers. In fact, instead of indulging in self-blame and pity, … Continue reading

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Religious journal, Uncle Jeebers, 2013/08/15

observing chemical changes in the brain is just showing the effects of spiritual action, mental action, and behaviors. it’s chasing shadows. the chemicals don’t cause these things, rather they are the result of these things. if you injected these chemicals … Continue reading

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The Bible Isn’t Clear Enough About Moral Issues: Supplement with Other Scriptures

This is recent post from Rastus Jones, Esquire. This builds a lot on my recent podcast (which has not been postable – ugh!) called “The Necessity of East-West Eclecticism.” Go here to read the whole thread. Remember put the trolls … Continue reading

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Slutwalkers in Delusion

By now everyone has heard about the slutwalks in Canada. Unfortunately the Toronto police officer Michael Sanguinetti does not have the honor to stand of for his statement, so we will. We believe that both women and men share the … Continue reading

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Hinduism Is At The Forefront Of Promoting Vegetarianism

The religion that is doing the most to promote the vegetarian lifestyle is the hindu religion, this indicates that the most moral religious force in the world is the hindu religion. In Hinduism cows are held as sacred, this is … Continue reading

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Religion brought down to the earth.

Religion is what you do. Furthermore, religion is all about developing good habits. (The life of a monk is called his “habit.”) The work of religion consists in developing good habits. The religious man strives to develop the exercise habit, … Continue reading

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Drugs vs. Meditation and Prayer

Drug use is the release of energy through destruction of nerve cells. It’s like stripmining. It takes thousands and millions of lifetimes to accrue the “coal,” yet only seconds to destroy it for some temporary fire. Meditation/Prayer is the build … Continue reading

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