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China’s Glory is in the Past

Living in China now is very easy. Any continent man can live here without a mortgage, rent payments, nor taxes. Without the burdens of sin, rarely is it necessary to go out and do work for money. The economy is … Continue reading

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Hinduism Is At The Forefront Of Promoting Vegetarianism

The religion that is doing the most to promote the vegetarian lifestyle is the hindu religion, this indicates that the most moral religious force in the world is the hindu religion. In Hinduism cows are held as sacred, this is … Continue reading

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The Vishnu Nabhi

In hindu cosmology there is a part of the universe called the “vishnu nabhi”. In modern cosmology we understand the planets as revolving around the sun but we do not know what precisely governs the motion of the sun. In … Continue reading

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A Manly Yin/Yang Ratio

Typically Yin is thought of as being female, and Yang as male. While this is true, it is not literally true and always true. The correct ratio of Yin to Yang is 40% to 60%. The Yang will then give … Continue reading

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Haunted Jewels

On the 2008 meditation retreat in Andhra Pradesh, India, the meditation master Karunamayi warned her followers not to wear gold or diamonds. She recommended cheap wood beads for doing japas and stated that anything which is expensive on the market … Continue reading

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Psychic Vampires

Anyone with experiences with psychic vampires is invited to tell their story in the comments section. Vital energy is not only lost through acts such as wanking. People can be drained of their energy through psychic vampires. Psychic vampires are … Continue reading

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Is Natural Birth Dangerous?

Natural birth is treating pregnancy as a healthy thing, and women who are confident in their health and the health of their baby see no reason why there would be problems – they’re more than glad to have their babies … Continue reading

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