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Married men not in charge

Married men, brothers, are betas – submitted to the will of an emotional being (much like a cat or dog), which, thanks to our all-powerful secular pornocracy (repealing all fash benefits in favor of bum piracy), is queen of the … Continue reading

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Risking Death Penalty, Ancient Chinese Lobbyists Recommend Chastity and Save Country

莊王即位三年,不發號政令,日夜享樂,還下令說:「有敢進諫者,判死罪絕不饒赦!」 After King Zhuang had been king for three years, he stopped tending political affairs and reveled night and day, giving the order “Anyone who dares to attempt consulting me will be killed without hesitation.” 伍舉進宮勸諫,莊王左手抱鄭國美女,右手抱著越國美女,坐在歌舞樂隊之間。伍舉說:「我想說個謎語。」又接著說:「有一隻鳥棲息在土山上,三年來不飛也不叫,請問這是什麼鳥?」莊王說:「三年不飛,一飛必定沖天;三年不叫,一叫必定驚人。伍舉你退下吧,我知道你的意思了。」 Wu Ju went to … Continue reading

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You Can Still Join the Shakers and the Branch Davidians

There’s been much confusion in recent years about the Shakers – if they’ve died out and disappeared or not. Thankfully there is a group called the Friends of the Shakers, which allows you to help the last living Shaker settlement … Continue reading

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The Virus Theory

The virus theory is a modern superstition. Throughout the ages man has blamed invisible and imperceptible entities for grave problems in individual health and society. The reason for this is by blaming such entities no one in society is held … Continue reading

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