Our Statement on Vegetarianism

Animals all have different special functions, and the human function is to think. Being thinking animals, we’ve been blessed with far more consciousness than other species. The consciousness in one field of grass may equal that of a grasshopper. That of thousands of grasshoppers may equal one cow. That of thousands of cows may equal one human.

Even though in this sense humans are above animals in rank, humans should not go and abuse animals. Animals have their place in the world and like anything else, disturbing them will effect it. Animals that are harmful to us or our crops should be dealt with, but if possible in a more humane manner.

Chaste men do not need to eat meat, whereas wasting men need meat for temporary relief from losing prana. In the long term, the meat eater will degenerate physically much faster than the vegetarian. Vegetables form a light, clean and easy to digest diet that gives one a longer term energy source.

Killing animals is not necessary merely for eating meals. Since it is not necessary, it is not within the bounds of simplicity to spend the resources necessary to raise, slaughter and prepare a beast for consumption. Nor is it desirable to live among the effects of meat eating.

The negative effects of meat eating throughout society are not well-known.

  1. Meat eating causes excess inner heat which then pressures men into ejaculation.
  2. Factory farms and slaughterhouses produce pollution far in excess of that of industry, even in places where industry is not regulated, like China. The air around such farms is ruined, as is the ground water, and flies and parasites reign.
  3. Slaughterhouses are run by people who lack normal human conscience. Here’s a Mexican you hire to hack up cows with chainsaws all day. Do you want him to be your next door neighbor?

It is our position that we do not want to intentionally harm and torture animals. Nor do we want to attract people who would be willing to inflict this harm for us in some hidden location, as we do not want to associate with such people, nor do we think that hiring others to do our work relieves us for its responsibility. The waste of resources and destruction of property is not acceptable, either on our own lands or if exported to other lands.

*****The KBH*****

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5 Responses to Our Statement on Vegetarianism

  1. It’s funny how someone’s conscience may not allow him to do something (slaughter an animal, for example) but will alow him to pay other people to do it.

    Eating meat is plain dirty. While you’re eating it (in a kind of lust state) it may not seem so, but a day later when it’s been sitting in the garbage or in the drain of your sink, how disgusting! I remember one summer it was so hot that the garbage became filled with throbbing maggots. The smell was sweet and putrid.

    I think our whole movement can be summed up with the word “cleanliness”. Sex is universall recognized as dirty (cf. “You dirty girl!”) as is meat-meating.

  2. janoklark says:

    I’m particularly upset that fake Buddhists here are being egged on by fake masters in China to eat meat, as long as they don’t kill it themselves. It goes against all morality to hire others to do your dirty work. In fact, in our legal structures, it is known that hiring others makes the crime worse. If I hire someone to kill my wife, I get punished much more severely than if I had done it myself. The hiring proves premeditation, and it also involves more people in the crime. It drags more people in.

    Now Tibetans must live with criminal Hui Muslims, because they keep hiring them to kill their meat. What a sad conclusion to what was once such a noble society.

  3. its sad that you would deny fellowship with someone who doesnt agree 100% with your doctrine. Say, a christian man who seeks celibacy for all of its positive attributes but who does not believe that eating meat is a sin.
    Sounds rather pretentious and high minded to set yourself apart so far as to say you dont want anything to do with or ‘attract’ men who partake in consuming flesh.

    • janoklark says:

      No one said they were refusing fellowship. But we do encourage thinking and rational argument. Have you read over to the latests posts that show slaughterhouses are run by Jewish criminals, and hire Mexican criminal immigrants as labor? Also how do you propose to deal with the environmental destruction that meat consumption brings?

  4. to quote you, “Nor do we want to attract people who would be willing to inflict this harm for us in some hidden location, as we do not want to associate with such people, ”
    while i do believe in the jew problem, and the brown problem and the need for strong white men in this world, I dont agree with this view of vegetarianism.
    but hey, rock and roll buddy.
    As far as environmental destruction, man will either wipe himself off of the face of the earth and the earth will heal itself much like your body heals from a cut over time, or the second coming of Christ will set everything aright. We will all see what is true one day, some to surprise and others with expectation.

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