Chinese Abortion Discount Cards

Brother Mario was out walkin’ the other day and came by some strange chicks passin’ out plastic cards from the local slaughterhouse for babies. Yup, these plastic cards that look like credit cards offer several services to depraved wimmin, among which is abortion at a discounted rate.

Chinese Abortion Discount Cards

Abortion discount card found in Nanjing, China

While China gains in its worldly power, it is important to realize that they are still in an incredibly a-moral state of mind. Chinese have taken advantage of the laziness of others by producing cheap goods (most of which are not necessary to life), and is flexin somethin we like to call “soft power” muscles. You are allowin’ them into your lives by your own admission. You buy them products, you have a government which endorses free trade and democrazy. Pretty soon, if you isn’t careful, your country will be at the beck and call of an a-moral nation of Yellows.

Chinese abortion discount card

Back of the above card

*Translation (from top left to bottom right):

[left column] OB-GYN minimally-invasive surgery

[first category] Big quad-core front-line techniques [sic/sick]:
[second category] Offered discount:
[first line] Micro-pipe, painless abortion with video, 380RMB discount
[second line] Virgin hymen recovery operation, 380RMB discount
[third line] Korean-style nano vaginal tightening, 380RMB discount
[fourth line] Lipo-knife cervical wart removal, 380RMB discount [380RMB = 58USD]
[bottom line] Address: 200meters south of Hunan Road’s Shizi Bridge Gourmet Dining Street [Are you thinking what I’m thinking?]

On the right side is a bunch of typical OB-GYN tests that are offered. These offers are often advertised directly on public bus TV and print ads, where children and old people commonly see them. The video ads often show computer animations of live abortions.

Based on figures stated in the YT documentary “The High Cost of China’s One-child Policy,” which shows video footage of official abortion stats, the rate of abortion and murder of small children (usually of girls) could be around 25 million per year. The video shows a figure of 16 million abortions for the year 1983, and other entries visible in the shot showed this was an average figure. The documentary goes on to say that around two million children are forced into orphanages, which the yearly death rate is conservatively put at 90% annually (because their sample was a relatively nice Shanghai orphanage). On top of that, Chinese population has grown immensely since then, to somewhere between 1.5 and 1.6 billion (yes the 1.3 billion figure is fake) – and there is also the common practice of drowning or otherwise killing infant girls. All this surely totals well over 20 million children each year.

Below is an advertisement from a woman on the internet who claims she has personally performed over ten thousand abortions:

Proud Chinese Abortionist: Over 10,000 abortions performed

Proud online Chinese abortionist: Over 10,000 abortions performed

I found the ad just randomly while ridin my pony through the net. Ads online are found on all kinds of public pages available to kids. There is zero debate about the morality of abortion in China, and it is probably illegal to oppose it in print.

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5 Responses to Chinese Abortion Discount Cards

  1. janoklark says:

    The latest number given for the US per annum abortion rate is 820,000. The US population statistics do not include illegals, which were counted at 20 million in 2004 (one year away from our abortion stat). The official figure of 296 million could then be 316 million actual. That gives the US females roughly a 5% abortion rate. The US rate has dropped significantly since the 80’s and 90’s (when the numbers peaked). Also, American Blacks and Mexicans have much higher rates, and I was never in much contact with these minorities.

    China’s real population could be estimated at 1.6 billion. With 25 million abortions and infanticides per year (almost 8% of the US total population), that would give Chinese women roughly a 3% abortion/infanticide rate (?). The pro-abortion Guttmacher institute puts the number for all of Asia in 2003 at only 26 million and all of east Asia (assuming that’s China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam etc.) at only 10 million. Judging by the mass use of cards and advertisements, the number of Chinese women who freely admitted they had abortions (and multiple abortions) to me, the numbers shown in the above referenced YT documentary, and the fact that China for more than ten years now has been in a sexual revolution where promiscuity and perversion are rampant, the idea that the US number would be that much higher than the Chinese doesn’t make sense. But I suppose it’s possible that American women are just better liars than Chinese women. More likely the Chinese government has been covering up most of the real numbers. I’d bet that most abortions in clinics are given without maintaining a record. They may promise anonymity or use some other title for the operation given.

    When I was teaching English one day per week at a school called Web International, one of my students admitted to me that she was an abortionist. Being in China I’m constantly hearing of abortion, seeing ads, meeting people who are either in the industry or who have had abortions, and seeing abortion clinics all over town. I would bet the real Chinese figures would be much higher than almost any other country in the world (except for other sex tourism places like Thailand).

  2. In Canada, there are 30 abortions for every 100 live births.

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