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Eight Simple Things You Won’t Believe Science Can’t Answer

I’ve always felt that science is still not dealing with many practical aspects of life, that the scientific method is the whore of money (funding), and that scientists in general spend most of their time fawning on each other, publishing … Continue reading

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Kosher Science

What won’t kosher scientists believe? 1. Valid arguments against radiocarbon dating 2. Reams of evidence concerning giant races of humans in the past. Mass graves of giants. 3. Fossil evidence that rabbits, spiders, sloths, elephants, reptiles etc. etc. were much … Continue reading

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Atheist Infighting Represents Larger Social Trends In Society’s Ideology Above article’s description: Atheist female states male circumcision is no big deal but then states how horrific female circumcision is. Then she complains about a atheist male asking her on a date and links it to being … Continue reading

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Devolution Theory Part 3: More Michael A. Cremo

Michael A. Cremo has come up with a new book further illustrating and proving the traditional, religious and traditional-scientific idea that since creation life on Earth has been devolving. A website introducing this work can be found here.

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The Psychological Cold War, A PDF Essay

The Psychological Cold War Above is a link to an essay on the psychological “cold war” that is being waged within society, an essay by Ian Dunbar MBChB. It is in PDF format.

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You Can Still Join the Shakers and the Branch Davidians

There’s been much confusion in recent years about the Shakers – if they’ve died out and disappeared or not. Thankfully there is a group called the Friends of the Shakers, which allows you to help the last living Shaker settlement … Continue reading

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Slutwalkers in Delusion

By now everyone has heard about the slutwalks in Canada. Unfortunately the Toronto police officer Michael Sanguinetti does not have the honor to stand of for his statement, so we will. We believe that both women and men share the … Continue reading

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