Be sure to follow and trend the #swinence hashtag. What is it? Inspired by Allburp Einswine, it’s a combination of the word “science” and “swine”, pronounced swai nence, used as hate speech against poor, infinitely gassed with insecticide rat-faced kaix getting their sixth homes in switzerland smashed with pedal-powered skull-crushers while being forced to take humiliating “treasure baths”. It belittles our grand masters who lead the world in medicine from the USSA, a quaint little empire of carpet bombers who are 24th in the world for life expectancy. Who’s first? The backwards nations of Japan and Italy of course. Only evil fashy countries would let their people live longer, goyim!

Swinence, as it were, commands the brain of the cuck. If it doesn’t come from jooniversity and credentialed windbags, it can’t be real or true. Ditto for anything outside the 100% kosher MSM. We absolutely must be monkeys on a spinning ball of liquid rock covered with water hurling through space vacuum for no reason whatsoever. Yahweh created dinosaurs which ultimately failed, because He is stoopid. He also created six thousand years of ancestors which said to have lived with dragons, who were not just stoopid, but just plain liars. And then, oh yeah. Yahweh doesn’t exist. (This goes in phases, lol).

The KBH has identified some key figures in the field of swinence, personages rarely if ever mentioned because they are so embarrassing, which reveal how weak pharasitic tricks are in the first place. Here is a short list:

parsonsjack3Jack Parsons

It seems no one controls more of our fundamental ideal of who we are, where we come from, and where we are going than NASA. The founder of NASA, incidentally, was an insane member of the OTO satanic misopede cult, apparently raping little kids and committing all kinds of degenerate acts before he died at the ripe old age of 37. This, fam, is the man controlling the minds of most modern men today with cartoon balls and ridiculous stories of shooting stars being flaming astronaut poop, the earth having two moons etc etc.

Robert Owen



Looks perfectly healthy in a mental way, doesn’t he? This quaint figure made up the term “dinosaur” before any bones were even “found”! Probably a fagmason, married to a yenta blah blah. Don’t have the energy or time to find all the links to these probable and inevitable facts. In this case, let the picture tell its thousand words. It’s enough to note to initiates that the term was invented before the supposed evidence.

erasmus-darwin-1731-1802-grangerErasmus Darwin

Erasmus was Charles’ granddad. (Robert, another mason freakshow, was his dad). A fagmason (the 9th and 11th rites pack a lot of fudge), he tried to fool people with a theory of evolution. I think Robert adopted Charles because he doesn’t seem physically related. Perhaps Erasmus had no success with the G-style craft revealed to the public by his distinctly proboscis-monkey style pharasitic looks. Charles must have been a sort of White interlude, an interlocutor and puppet whose book was dedicated to (((Karl Marx))).  Just like with Robert Owen, without any “jews everywhere” paranoia talk, the picture speaks for itself to anyone with at least half a brain and two eyes connected to it. When any goy references Charles Darwin to you, remind them of Erasmus and Robert, that Erasmus Robert and Charles were all members of the G liars club, freemasonry, and show them this hideous pic of Erasmus.

An even better argument however, against any notion that Dumbwit was a biology genius, is the fact that he married his first cousin and had three deformed kids who died. Maybe a biology god would remember not to try incest?

Added to this list Stephen Gawking, hailed as the greatest genius of modern times, a great “theoretical physicist” (rofl), was a literal drooling retard in a wheelchair, fed lines by kosher trolls like Carl Sagan on his “voice digitalization” system. Recently because the holohoax and other sympathy scams are collapsing, space agencies decided to declare Mr. Drooling dead. It seems more goyim are allowing themselves to criticize massive scams even if they are cloaked in some wheelchair spit machine and tear-jerk pity party.

Also Steve Blaughjobs, a degenerate mafioso of the kosher nostra born in vegas and died in sanfagsicko who couldn’t code a three-letter password if his life depended on it, whose company never invented anything and makes all its profits from suing people, is a great naked emperor to destroy. “Name me one thing Jobs invented” is a good way to bring this up. Or, “show me one video of Steve using the terminal or coding something for a computer.” When they realize he’s a degenerate nothing, yet hailed as the (former) kingpin of the most profitable computer company on the planet, some redpilling is bound to start happenin.

General institutions

Modern medicine, which gives us an ever-increasing list of terminal diseases, shorter lifespans and lower quality of life, run by Hymie in the USSA, 24th in the world for life expectancy, is itself a compelling argument that swinence is crap. The flip side of this are the healthy celibate monks in the mountains living to 96 with no access to health care.


Certain practices also show that science is demonstrably not only crap, but really sick crap. Science enables the worst crimes of the modern world: genital mutilation, vivisection, and abortion to name a few. Upon closer inspection, we’d argue these are satanic rituals which produce the power in the white powders (drugs), which are ephemeral and destructive in the long term. If these “great men” are torturing sentient beings physically weaker than themselves like babies and animals, isn’t that the very definition of a scumbag?

Actual science = Natural Science

Natural science is where swinence gets any (undeserved) good reputation it has. It’s based on observation, testing and repeatability, none of which apply to gravity, evilution, spinning liquid balls, spiny cartoon balls in the blood, and great uncle Chimpy.

Half of swinence is actually true and based on some Natural Science, and this 50/50 mix of true-false, good-evil, is what gives the evil of swinence its power. The 50/50 mix is described in books about kabbalah and “magick” as the most fundamental aspect of satanic ritual, hexing, and just being a greasy kaik in general.

Real scientists are never taught in schools because their very images and words would push down the whole satanic system like a house of cards. Nicola Tesla, Auguste Piccard and Dennis Ritchie are great names to throw around for cosmology and technology debates. But why not also talk about Ernie Wisner, Jean Pain and other based Aryans who worked their whole lives for practical solutions to common everyday problems? If you’re talking to a hippie or someone else inclined to like natural living ideas, these names of great environmentalists and practical off-grid living tech should solicit admiration.


We absolutely must promote anti-science memes everywhere. Jesus Christ and Uncle Adolf would have done it.

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