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Married men not in charge

Married men, brothers, are betas – submitted to the will of an emotional being (much like a cat or dog), which, thanks to our all-powerful secular pornocracy (repealing all fash benefits in favor of bum piracy), is queen of the … Continue reading

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On Semen Retention

The primary purpose of this paper is to condense and prioritize the various methods by which a man may successfully retain his semen and stop producing the gross physical semen. It is written in response to the dearth of knowledge … Continue reading

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Faggit = Misopede

UPDATE 2015/12/11: I was put in fagberg jail for two days because I posted the picture below: …though there is many pics like it on the interwebs which show that the big cheeses in the LGBTP movement tend to get … Continue reading

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Ukraine Resists Faggits

Knights, Ukraine is totally anti-faggit: The article ends with the most ignorant question imaginable, “Everyone has to ask themselves, what do they have against poojabbers?”. Well in a word, “biology”. There’s a good bit of misunderstandin about what’s called … Continue reading

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Vagina Fashion Show

Often in the intactivist movement we discuss the common “penis fashion show” argument for mutilating men. In this documentary a female director takes on something you may not know has been going on – the vagina fashion show. Br. Nick … Continue reading

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The Whole Male Prayer

You God are the all-powerful, the all-mighty and in You we trust everything to You we owe everything and You have the power, the Glory, the force to take down this heinous curse on our lives called circumcision You have … Continue reading

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Oversexed America

Recently I’ve been having a small debate in the comments section of my “Best Intactivist monologue of 2008” video, “How to Heal from Circumcision“. A poster has become incensed that we have dared describe America as an oversexed nation. This … Continue reading

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