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All Sex is Dirty, and Here’s Why

The word “safe sex” is about as smartalec as “judeo-christian” or “military intelligence,” and here’s why. 1. The mouth is crawling with worms Humans do not have the natural adaptations of animals, including adaptations for staying clean. Dogs have more … Continue reading

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The Comstock Law

Consider that this used to be a federal law in the USA. Be it enacted… That whoever, within the District of Columbia or any of the Territories of the United States…shall sell…or shall offer to sell, or to lend, or … Continue reading

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Massive Hormone Doses Apparent Cause of De-sexing

When an apparent extreme limit has been passed, opposite effects begin to appear. This is explained in the first chapter of The Book of Changes in the last line, “亢龍有悔“, kàngkóngyǒuhuǐ. This line specifically speaks of the masculine, Yang energy … Continue reading

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