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Who is Ai Weiwei?

The first thing you’ll notice about Ai is that he’s not a typical faggy Chinese. He’s big, strong, bearded (from testosterone) and sure of himself. When he sees cops or government officials he speaks in a clear, firm voice and … Continue reading

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Vegan B12 and Protein Deficiency is a Hoax

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Atheists vs. Creationists: Why the Debate Continues

The reason the debate continues between atheists and creationists are that their official representatives have defined two sides of the debate which are both untenable. Atheists maintain that material created life, and this is a reversal of basic scientific truth. … Continue reading

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Liver and Pancreas Cleanse

on a day you’re not doing anything, you can cleanse out your liver & pancreas, even get rid of gall stones if they’re forming. around noon, you stop eating or drinking completely. the only think you take is either vegetable … Continue reading

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Tibetan Book of the Dead

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Vagina Fashion Show

Often in the intactivist movement we discuss the common “penis fashion show” argument for mutilating men. In this documentary a female director takes on something you may not know has been going on – the vagina fashion show. Br. Nick … Continue reading

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Atheist Beta Males

It seems like for a blue moon I have not checked up on them atheists. They seem to highly revere that there Chris Hitchens, who had a doctorate in respiratory disease prevention. And then someone passes along a couple Dawkins … Continue reading

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