The KBH is a group of men dedicated to promoting a moral worldview in this world of darkness. We are against the sin of masturbation.

OM and Amen.

3 Responses to The KBH

  1. Arlis Feidt says:

    Why are you against masturbation? Why do you use the swastika symbol? And how do you know for fact that all the people named in “circumcision Karma” were circumcised? I am particularly curious about Adam Lanza. Could you please send me to where you got the information? I would very much like to verify this.

    • janoklark says:

      we’re against wanking because it’s disgusting, wasteful, stupid and for losers (in a literal sense). we use the swastika because it’s a sacred symbol of eternal life used for 5 thousand years, and the preferred emblem of Aryans. in the circ karma article you can check the references and notes via the links and backkground reference page supplied. all confirmed jews are assumed circumcised. on all non-jews there are links or references provided to explain how circ status was determined. adam lanza is a confirmed jew.

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