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A New Rendering Of The Song God Bless America

For the fourth of July I have decided to offer a new rendering of a patriotic song. This is a new rendering of the song God Bless America, it is called God Curse America. Enjoy. The Original is as follows … Continue reading

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Animals that Fight Back

Elephants often find Hindu liquor stashes, drink them up, then go on Hindu killing rampages. [1] Chimpanzees are reportedly doing the same thing in Uganda. [1] This could be seen as animals acting as a vehicle of destruction against drinkers … Continue reading

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You Can Still Join the Shakers and the Branch Davidians

There’s been much confusion in recent years about the Shakers – if they’ve died out and disappeared or not. Thankfully there is a group called the Friends of the Shakers, which allows you to help the last living Shaker settlement … Continue reading

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China’s Glory is in the Past

Living in China now is very easy. Any continent man can live here without a mortgage, rent payments, nor taxes. Without the burdens of sin, rarely is it necessary to go out and do work for money. The economy is … Continue reading

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Detroit Regeneration

Detroit is far greener than most major cities, as seen in the runaway vines swarming old mansions in Brush Park, trees sprouting from the rooftops of skyscrapers, tall fields of grass encircling a lone house still standing on a residential … Continue reading

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WIT is Zonophobia?

Zonophobia is yet another new word coined by the KBH, a root-tootin’ organization of banjo slappin’ hicksters lookin’ to improve the accuracy of the English language from a the standpoint of righteous Southerners. There is currently no zonophobia featured in … Continue reading

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Wrecked-Car Solace

I have a collection of nifty pictures in a folder called “car hell”, a term introduced to me and discussed in detail with Rastus Jones. The folder is filled with pictures of wrecked cars, traffic jams, and pure automotive idiocy. … Continue reading

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