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Julian Assange Interviews Ecuadorian President On RT

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Mental Illness Caused By Leisure

The cause of the majority of mental illness is leisure. People who have mental problems tend to spend their time in idleness. The growth in the mental health industry in America has corresponded with the loss of manufacturing jobs in … Continue reading

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Under-garments For Chastity

Kaupin is a yogic garment for chastity. Links on it below.

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The Fraud of Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins, minerals and all the nourishment we need are provided by nature naturally in the form of fruits, vegetables, nuts, milk, grains etc. Take a look at any vitamin supplement; look at the label – Does it list a food … Continue reading

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Drugs And Demonic Possession

Below is a video interview on CNN where the interviewee talks about how after having used a drug described as bath salts which is also known as mephadrone he experienced being demonically possessed. The dangers of drug use is that … Continue reading

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