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The juice and Christianity

Om Brothers! The following is a reference list of facts and links on the subject of pharisees and Christians, copy-pasteable for your next online-debate with an anti-Christian (i.e., fake) WN. First, today’s fake jews are actually pharisees, and they readily … Continue reading

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The term Jew in the Bible is an Anachronism

Current versions of the Bible are translations of a Hebrew text post 550BC for the OT and a 7th century Greek text for the NT. Many new texts have been discovered by archeology and religious seekers in recent years – … Continue reading

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White Nationalist Group BANA Stands Against Antisemitism

Bay Area National Anarchists(BANA) is a white nationalist group that believes in creating autonomous village communities where people have the right to determine the ethnic composition of those village communities. Hence some villages could be white and others of another … Continue reading

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Carnivorism, Jews and Immigration

Often you’ll hear self-styled WN’s complain about immigration and say “beef is delicious” in the same breath. The fact is, meat consumption is fueling mass immigration of morally-impaired Mexicans to the USA who are employed by criminal Jews. In an … Continue reading

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