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Adolf Hitler vs the JooWorld Odor

Eric Dubay does it again! They say “the winner’s write history,” it is absolutely true, and the most egregious example in modern times has to be the mainstream (mis)understanding of Adolf Hitler and pre-WWII Germany. Adolf Hitler was actually a … Continue reading

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Religious journal, Uncle Jeebers, 2013/08/15

observing chemical changes in the brain is just showing the effects of spiritual action, mental action, and behaviors. it’s chasing shadows. the chemicals don’t cause these things, rather they are the result of these things. if you injected these chemicals … Continue reading

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On Semen Retention

The primary purpose of this paper is to condense and prioritize the various methods by which a man may successfully retain his semen and stop producing the gross physical semen. It is written in response to the dearth of knowledge … Continue reading

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Internet Anonymity and You

Anonymity Destroys Social Cohesion Currently a major barrier toward effective organization of good men is that most good men on the internet are not visible to other good men. The reason they are not visible is because they believe anonymity … Continue reading

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Chinese Martial Arts, or Gongfu

Gongfu has a number of remarkable traditions and arises out of monasteries of celibate monks. However, seeing the recent Chinese Gongfu movies, one can assume that the practice as a whole is in terrible disarray, and that the greatest practitioners … Continue reading

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Jeeber’s Hatha Yoga (हठयोग) Log

The word hatha is a compound of the words ha and tha meaning sun and moon, referring to prana and apana, and also to the principal nadis (energy channels) of the subtle body that must be fully operational to attain … Continue reading

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Religion brought down to the earth.

Religion is what you do. Furthermore, religion is all about developing good habits. (The life of a monk is called his “habit.”) The work of religion consists in developing good habits. The religious man strives to develop the exercise habit, … Continue reading

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