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My Real Brotherhoods

We can all remember some times in our lives when women weren’t all that important and we decided to room up with other guys. These days, in fact, are the most productive, happy days of our lives. Now I want … Continue reading

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Impurity and Baldness

Hello Brothers! Our position is that the male pattern baldness process gets kickstarted and aggravated through misuse of the generative energy. Hair loss in men is caused by testosterone, more specifically dihytestosterone (DHT) attaching to the hair follicles and causing … Continue reading

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The Whole Male Prayer

You God are the all-powerful, the all-mighty and in You we trust everything to You we owe everything and You have the power, the Glory, the force to take down this heinous curse on our lives called circumcision You have … Continue reading

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Top Ten Unknown Facts about Circumcision

American men are crimped, not cut. The Gomco (Goldstein Medical Company) clamp crushes off the foreskin slowly in a process that usually takes around 18 minutes. This fact is important because¬†circumcision centuries ago¬†was “only” a cut (to create a scar/tribal … Continue reading

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Esperanto and Religion

Volunteer Esperanto (Pan-European) courses on the Chinese tropical island of Hainan were a great success. In attendance were 150+ participants in an extra-intensive, 34-day, 200 hour course, with lots of international communication through a neutral and equal medium. Also Esperanto … Continue reading

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Animal Liberation Front

A short video mentioning the basics of the animal liberation front and showing scenes from their activities. The animal liberation front rescues animals from animal testing laboratories.

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