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Atheist techies are pothead degenerates

Neil deGRASS Lately people have been noticing that the world’s biggest baal earth promoter, Neil deGrass Tyson, aside from being an affirmative-action hymie-weird-style hyped up mythical supanigga from da hood, is obstreperously a pothead. Somewhere in the haze of his … Continue reading

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Hymiesexuals are known to have lots of kikey pharisex, rubbing their scars of david in a full array of excremental organs of the various sexes, animals, and children, realizing their ultimate reason for being, spewing kabbalic acid, blowing their brains … Continue reading

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Imminent demise for Lyle

The demise of Lyle Kunt (K) and his coalburner, shrieking, insane nagging wife Sine-aid Muhgarthy is imminent. It’s not only exposed that Sineaid was coalburning right as they formed Reniggayed Broad-casting, but that Lyle is a dyed-in-the-wool kyke. Just imagine, … Continue reading

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Steve Blaughjobs died of GRIDS

iDiots are sheeple herded in and controlled by a rainbow regime of bumpirates…a phenomenon, as the unabomber noted in his manifesto, impossible without technology. Steve Blaughjobs paid two doctors to explain the cause of his death. Blaughjobs medical records have … Continue reading

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