Beer and Fags is for Wimmin

Effeminate Chinese dragon-clown

Effeminate Chinese dragon-clown

Cigarettes was invented for wimmin: thus the “ette” suffix. There ain’t nothin’ manly about sucking fags. Keep in mind that Chinese men, who can barely be considered men at all, make up 1/3rd of the entire world’s smokers. The largest producer and consumer of cigarettes in the world is not Scotland, Russia, or other places known to have testosteronic manfolk who can (gasp!) grow hair on their face – it’s China, the land of short, hairless, pussified quasi-men. (And just for your information, Gents, China is also the world’s largest distributor of porn).

Deadly beerchick

Deadly beerchick

Beer is pissy and vaginal. Beer is used by men to lower their virile reasoning so they will stoop to chicky-chat. After being with a woman, the man gets depressed and drinks more beer. Beer denies a man his two basically manly functions: erectile/reproductive function and thinkin’/reasonin’ function.

Bubblegum pop society done picked up a true-blue virile quality: “coolness.” A bone fide man is cool to whatever he sees. He is always clear-headed, rational, and just. He detests them ragamuffins goin’ around suckin’ fags in public and chuckin’ butts all over the streets. He hates the boozers who ooze around the streets, john around prostitutes and generally disrupt proper social order. A man is not one who cowers to every vice everywheres, but one, rather, bold as brass to resist temptation and the devil and fight the spiritual warrior’s fight.

Kosher vice, hymie chains

  1. Liquor is fully under chosen control. Up until recently, Seagram’s owned all liquor outlets in the world. Now they’ve “sold” this monopoly to Pepsi, with an array of fake CEO’s and treasurers, female and minority, from beachtoilet Liberia to Chennai, India (a rancid open sewer, living hell on earth). The AFP article here, Prison Planet forum poast here.
  2. All fags, all the “different” brands in the world outside China are owned by the erect mutilated phallus of Phillip Morris. All backy in China is controlled by the communist (Rothschild) national tobacco monolopy

All drinking and smoking = support for satanic pharasites and allowing them to control your life.

Amen and OM

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3 Responses to Beer and Fags is for Wimmin

  1. janoklark says:

    Also what should be mentioned, because the 1/3 the world’s smokers statistic doesn’t completely express the magnitude of smoking in Chinese anti-culture, is that Chinese smokers on average smoke two packs per day, and Chinese cigarettes are three times more heavy-metal toxic than Jewish/Western cigarettes (mainly from Phillip Morris).

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