Who Was the Author of Peter Pan, Part Three

Yet another sinister reference to James Matthew Barrie has been found.

After the cyban revolution the United States spread propaganda in Cuba that Fidel Castro was going to send their children to Soviet indoctrination centers and so 14,000 children were sent by their parents to America because the parents of those children were convinced by the USA government that the Soviet Union was going to steal their children.

Of those 14,000 half went to go live with relatives who were in America and the other 7,000 kids had no relatives in America and so those kids went to go live in group homes. Many of the very very young kids who went to live in group homes ended up growing up not even knowing they were from Cuba because the people at those group homes hid the truth from them.

This operation was called: OPERATION PETER PAN

(Thanks to Brother Catfish for finding this.)

Concerning a new documentary:

[It] recounts the story of a children’s exodus that was part of a U.S. State Department operation quaintly known as Peter Pan, which played on fears that the Cuban government would do away with parental rights. The State Department used the Catholic Church as the conduit in Miami through which the unaccompanied children were placed in camps, foster homes, orphanages and reformatories.

This clandestine operation was based on a lie that was bolstered by a bogus “law” doing away with parental rights. That law was printed and widely distributed in Cuba as part of a conspiracy to frighten parents into sending their children on a one-way trip to a foreign land….

[Candi] Sosa, a singer, was one of those who made the journey back. Her story and that of their travel companions, is one of parental separation, total helplessness and in her case and that of Alex Lopez, a travel agent in Washington, of terrible emotional and sexual abuse. They are living testimony of the heartlessness and immorality of using children as political or ideological pawns.

And then there’s this story:

My parents’ firsthand accounts of the time between 1961 and 1966, before they finally left Cuba, tell of children put into ideological indoctrination at age 11. The first group of 800 children was sent to Minas de Frio en la Sierra Maestra in Cuba on March 27, 1960. They were removed from their parents
and their family values to be indoctrinated in the values of the revolution for 45 to 60 days at a time. At 11 years of age, they were introduced into camps of adolescents with little supervision. These minors worked many hours a week in the fields in harsh conditions with poor nutrition and slept on
hammocks. They experimented in new situations and mixed among those who would change the uneasy and unrooted moral, political and religious values their parents were still molding. They used the on-demand abortions at clinics far away from their families to reverse their errors in judgment as adolescents. Others returned pregnant and with head lice, parasites, hepatitis and venereal disease.

The documentary reviewer said it was “quaintly-known” as Operation Peter Pan, because it was this Disney propaganda that trivialized child abductions which was used to sugar-coat the use of essentially stolen Cuban children for brain-erasing and sexual abuse.

Incidentally, a Lost Boy named Tootles Darling becomes a cross-dresser and a queer. His dream is to marry Peter Pan:

As an adult, Tootles is a portly Judge who loves his moustache and believes everything can be solved judicially. Tootles has only daughters, so in order to return to Neverland, he must dress like a girl. This is fine with the young female Tootles, who dreams of becoming a princess and a nurse; she would also love to marry Peter, and become Tootles Pan. [1]

Peter Pan: a not-too-hetersexual, pubescent boy who prances around in green tights and steals children from their parents to take them to "Neverland"

Peter Pan: a not-too-hetersexual, pubescent boy who prances around in green tights and steals children from their parents to take them to "Neverland"

Bryan Walsh was a CIA agent in charge of the Miami Catholic Diocese who possibly started planning OPP when Cuban business owners started asking to move their kids to the states. [1] What they ended up doing, however, was lying to vulnerable Cuban families to steal their children.

In previous sections we discussed how the author of Peter Pan (originally titled “The Boy Who Hates Mothers”) named James Matthew Barrie was a freemason and misopede. We showed how he is tied to a case of discovered child mummies in California, and that the legacy of Peter Pan has been to trivialize child abduction, rape and murder.

You may have heard the term “Lost Boys” in many contexts. According to J.M. Barrie, “The Lost Boys” are boys who fall out of their prams (small, flat-bottom rowboats or sailboats) when the nurse isn’t looking and were lost by their nannies in places such as Kensington Gardens. Having gone unclaimed for seven days, they were whisked off to Neverland, where they live with Peter Pan. There are no “lost girls”, because (as Peter explains) girls are much too clever to fall out of their prams and be lost in this manner. (Girls don’t fall out of boats? Girls are smarter than boys? This truly IS fiction!)

Thus millions of missing children, photos on milk cartons, websites and posters all over the world with “Have you seen me?” written underneath have been reduced in pop culture to a question of flying away – being taken away either by a fairy boy in green tights or a group of cool vampires. It’s a mythology that sugar-coats a very hard pill to swallow – that millions of children are being abducted, force-fed muscle relaxants, and gang raped by misopedes at queer orgies. Society refuses to face this problem because the very tigers that devour their own children provide them with drugs, gambling and prostitution to which they are addicted.

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