Queen Chrissie Hynde


Is Chrissie Hynde a totally based shootlord? After watching her interviews and reading her tweets, the KBH has decided most resoundingly yes.

Take her vocal stance against feminuttery:

Most recently, Hynde struck a particularly sensitive chord when she told The Sunday Times that she believes some rape victims are responsible for their sexual assaults. “If you play with fire, you get burnt,” she reasoned, in reference to her own rape by a biker gang — an incident she broadly recounts in Reckless. (In a statement to Billboard, Hynde stands behind her comments and “has nothing further to add.”)


  • “You can’t f–k about with people, especially people who wear ‘I Heart Rape’ and ‘On Your Knees’ badges,” she said in the Times interview. “Those motorcycle gangs, that’s what they do.” She later responded to the ensuing backlash by telling the (((Washington Post))), “If you don’t want my opinion, don’t ask me for it.” [LOL]
  • Pop stars can often make headlines for their outfits — and the Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde says these musicians should stop calling themselves feminists for that very reason. “To me, it’s pornographic,” Hynde told Good Morning America
  • She’s a self-styled ‘militant vegetarian’, calling for killing animals and eating meat to be outlawed. She said, “I don’t want to leave this mortal coil until every McDonald’s is burned down to the ground
  • Hynde was also a supporter of the Hare Krishna movement, regularly visiting their temples and inviting devotees to her home
  • Hynde’s surname means supreme vaishnava, or servant, which explains why she gravitates to Srila Prabhupada
  • She writes at the end of her book, “Drugs only cause suffering.” [Oy vey! cries the ghost of kosher pothead Carl Sagan]
  • Doesn’t smoke, drink, do drugs, wear skanky clothes or drive a car
  • She hated Akron Ohio because it’s carhell and returned to her ancestral land in Europe
  • She’s rich but insists on taking public transportation
  • Got death threats at her first job in London for her scathing, insulting review of (((Neil Diamond)))’s music [It was annudah shoah]
  • Was friends with Lemmy, hung out with Nazi bikers
  • Describes herself as a “lone wolf” (Adolf)
  • Not scared of anything. “Have your politics ever been a hindrance to your career? – I guess not because I never thought about it.” [queen KEK]

Refers to carhell at 1:30: “[The great lakes region, USA] was an automobile culture. Automobiles had pretty much knocked out a lot of the infrastructure of [the previous] culture by putting in interstates and getting rid of public transportation. The automobile was having a very negative impact on the place.”

24:50: “We didn’t think [about being sex symbols] at the time. We have this sort of soft porn culture that sprang up around the advent of videos, where a lot of people could see that if they just stuck their tits out they were going to get more attention.”

31:00: Won’t play in stadiums or big venues (think hymie is happy about that? Oy vey. She’s holocausting their sixth homes in Switzerland!)

32:20: “I like to have the Bhagavad Gita near me at all times…It’s a nice thing to have a reference point throughout the day.”



Back when wimmin didn’t need to get naked to be sexy

It seems to us that Hynde, being a woman, slipped through the cracks of Hymieweird control – the misopedia, hard drugs and death squads – at a time when they needed a hard-working female talent in their musical selection. She was part of the kosher feminut agenda that was never at all on board with its crazy ideas.


Why is Hynde not getting press at DS? Because she didn’t follow Chosess into the desert to wander and chew on cadavers, i.e., she would be militantly opposed to the official DS “paleo” propaganda.

Cows And The Earth: A Story Of Kinder Dairy Farming - Book Launch Photocall

The cow killin stops here! LONDON, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 27: Chrissie Hynde attends photocall to launch ‘Cows and the Earth: A Story Of Kinder Dairy Farming’ at Southbank Centre on October 27, 2009 in London, England. (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

«Back on the chain gang» is a great song with highly religious overtones and greatly disapproved of by Happy Merchant (revealed meaning not in italics):

I found a picture of you, oh oh oh oh What hijacked my world that night to a place in the past we’ve been cast out of? Oh oh oh oh Now we’re back in the fight We’re back on the train Oh, back on the chain gang

[I saw an icon of You, Lord Krishna, and remembered spiritual battle that all of us were fighting in a past life. Now we’re back in battle, like being on an unstoppable train, slaves to the system in the material world all the while]

A circumstance beyond our control, oh oh oh oh The phone, the TV and the news of the world got in the house like a pigeon from hell, oh oh oh oh threw sand in our eyes and descended like flies, put us back on the train Oh, back on the chain gang

[Conditioned existence ceases to be a choice. Electronic media invaded our true and tranquil abode like a satanic symbol of peace and acquiescence to pacify us into submission, pouring down over us like the karma for cow killing and meat eating, flies (filth and disease) and sand (drought), and this is what came to us and has enslaved us in material existence]

The powers that be That force us to live like we do Bring me to my knees When I see what they’ve done to you But I’ll die as I stand here today Knowing that deep in my heart They’ll fall to ruin one day For making us part

[The kykes forced us into this existence which I can no longer tolerate as I see how they crucified Your third incarnation/avatar Jesus Christ. Death doesn’t scare me as I defy the pharisee mafia, because it’s forged in my character, the knowledge that the forces of good and justice work slowly, taking vengeance on the happy merchants. It’ll be their punishment for separating me from You, the Lord]

I found a picture of you, oh oh oh oh Those were the happiest days of my life Like a break in the battle was your part, oh oh oh oh in the wretched life of a lonely heart Now we’re back on the train Oh, back on the chain gang

[When I saw an icon of You, Lord Krishna, I realized that my greatest joy ever attained was when we were as one, and I wonder if my previous death was actually Your way of sharing in my sorrow of our separation. And thus here we are, back in the machine, working for the kyke, slaving away in material existence]

To boot, in this version there’s a pic of the rats’-child banking district dragon in London at 1:20.

And now y’all see why Chrissie Hynde is totally based. Om and Amen

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