Massive Hormone Doses Apparent Cause of De-sexing

faggy tyson talks like a girl

Tyson amazingly talks like a girl

When an apparent extreme limit has been passed, opposite effects begin to appear. This is explained in the first chapter of The Book of Changes in the last line, “亢龍有悔“, kàngkóngyǒuhuǐ. This line specifically speaks of the masculine, Yang energy going overboard. An example of this would be the effects of massive amounts of testosterone-like substances on Mike Tyson and other men, like shrunken testicles and high-pitched, feminine voices.

The same is true for feminine forces going overboard. Consider the extreme amounts of estrogen given to women in the form of birth-control pills. The amount of estrogen in a single birth control pill dosage is something around 10,000 times higher than that in a pregnant woman. This obviously takes femininity for women “over the top,” and gives these women apparent masculine qualities.

Sigourney Weaver - a man?

Sigourney Weaver - a man?

The estrogen dosage is not consumed in total by the woman. She urinates most of the dose out, where it goes into public drinking water supplies, which cannot filter out such small particles as hormones. Women are again pushed over the top into manhood-type states, and men are pushed into more female states through consumption of such water. The effects of birth control hormones have been tested in many waterways, where a large percentage of the fish were swimming around without having any clear gender (for example, 80% of small-mouth bass having intersex characteristics).

The effects of having massive amounts of female hormones and hormone-like substances through plastics and soy products has been to de-sex entire populations like that of the United States.

Further reading:

The Pill Kills: a Christian site on the dangerous effects of the birth control pill on society and the environment.

The Book of Changes: full text in traditional characters with English translation. The author is Fúxī, the Gilgamesh/Noah of China who survived the world-wide flood of ancient times. Written in prison.

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One Response to Massive Hormone Doses Apparent Cause of De-sexing

  1. tryingtobeagoodman says:

    This article is depressing.

    The world is so messed up.

    God’s rules aren’t designed to limit our happiness, but to give us abundant peace and happiness.

    We’re living in dark times. But there is always hope. I have great hope.

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