Religious journal, Uncle Jeebers, 2013/08/15

observing chemical changes in the brain is just showing the effects of spiritual action, mental action, and behaviors. it’s chasing shadows. the chemicals don’t cause these things, rather they are the result of these things. if you injected these chemicals or impulses into someone’s brain you could produce some parts of similar effects, however the issue is that injecting or charging is all artificial. it still doesn’t explain anything, and it doesn’t help anyone. maybe they do these things to sell more of those expensive and very harmful drugs. i know probably a quarter of all women in the US and probably several EU countries are addicted to these new drugs that are being pushed by “scientists”. the effect is the same: addiction and poverty. the user has to spend tons of money and is dependent on the drug for the effect. the reason you see so many articles about this is because modern science is just the whore of money. they write the articles to push the drugs. they try to explain disease as random, causeless, and just a suddenly appearing brain state. that only makes sense from an economic standpoint. they just want to sell more things and abuse more people in the process.

i don’t think anyone should be poking around in anyone’s brain, injecting them with anything, or prescribing drugs that break the brain barrier. breaking the brain barrier already means the drug is extremely toxic. something like 40% of these drugs are based on fluoride, for example, which is more toxic than lead. it breaks the brain barrier because fluoride, lead, mercury etc. attack and dissolve nervous tissue. for each pill that someone takes, they are breaking down their nervous system X percent.

when someone’s nerves are few and weak, they have serious problems getting to sleep, focusing, or just being a normal person. the hands shake, and they get all kinds of other diseases. nervous damage is the hardest damage to reverse. brain tissue is the hardest to grow. with brain damage, someone could take years and years just to reverse a small part of it through good diet, exercise, oxygen, positive outlook, meditation etc.

no i never have doubts. i’ve experienced what i know. i didn’t learn it from a book. i fundamentally trust no one but myself and my experience. experience is the best teacher. everything that a man has written or said is suspect to doubt. to get more experience one has to meditate more. learn concentration and improve the processing of experience itself. see what the root of things going on in the outer world is, which is the spiritual realm. all external, dead, shadow things we see on the outside are patternings out of what was once a thought, idea, plan on the spiritual level. humans are fairly powerful, but nothing compared to God. God doesn’t design tables, lamps and computers. God designs animals, natural phenomenon etc. things trillions of times more complex, refined and improved over what a human could design. the human eye is trillions of times more advanced than the best cameras attached to all supercomputers in the world. humans will never catch up to God. what humans can do is a grain of sand on God’s beach. what we do and see is something of an allusion to what God does. the design process, thinking, planning, and creation. it’s a clue to the greater, bigger deal.

experience is the root of intelligence, and practice is the root of experience. therefore, most learning must be done outside of books. the biggest most important ideas can only be grasped by trying some sort of practice and gaining the experience. and because i have some of these experiences, i’m sure about what i say and i have no doubt about the fundamentals whatsoever.

my only doubts left are about petty issues like politics and cooking. i’m not sure if evelyn rothschild or bibi netanyahu rules the world. i’m not sure if li jiacheng is more powerful than either of them, or if he will be. i’m not sure of the date when the chinese communist party will fall. i don’t know how to eat all these ginko nuts that my friends put in my apartment. definitely not important stuff.

so we have to refuse drugs, whether legal or illegal, and stop damaging our brains and nervous systems. to boost the nervous system and improve our learning from experience, we can practice careful listening to others when they speak, not using swear words, focusing in meditation and letting go of useless and distracting thoughts…all these can help us really learn in life, boost our faith in God, and bring us great health from the nervous system up.


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